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I have an iphone5 and my photos and camera are taking up 1.7GB of space. I have deleted shared streams from my phone and both the photo stream and shared stream features have been turned off. All photos have been downloaded to iPhoto on my computer so there are no photos in my phone right now. Why is it taking 1.7GB from my phone's space Question: Q: I deleted all my photos but they are still taking up space I am trying to get more space on my iPad air (not the cloud). I uploaded all my photos to my PC and I have deleted all of my photos from my camera roll and photo stream

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The easiest way to free up gigabytes of space on your iPhone is by deleting apps that you don't use that take up a lot of room. When you navigate your way from Settings to the Manage Storage tab,.. I don't have any photos on my iPhone but still Using 1.1 GB Space For Photos, but There Are No Photos On iPhone Photos.Here is the fix for this problem comes.. iPhone users, you know what I'm talking about. You're starting to run out of room on your device, and so you back-up your photos and videos - perhaps to the cloud or onto a computer or drive. Lightroom mobile taking up 5GB of space on iPhone with no photos. I've loved using Lightroom mobile on my iPhone and iPad but I've noticed that after deleting all photos on my phone from Lightroom, the app is still taking up 5+GB of space. It's as if the Lightroom isn't releasing the iPhone and iPad memory. I've cleared the cache, and restarted.

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Follow these quick tips to help when your iPhone or iPad says it's storage is almost full and cannot take photos. Restart your device to clear its immediate cache; Remove any unwanted photos or music from your iPhone or iPad to free up some space; Set your iPhone or iPad to optimize storage for pictures rather than download and keep original Do Not Delete Photos to Free Up Space! Be careful when deleting photos or videos from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iCloud web app if you use iCloud Photo Library. Doing so may permanently remove the deleted photos from all devices Running out of space on an iPhone seems to happen to more people lately. Photos are a likely culprit. Before you go off deleting some of those priceless photos, here are some things you can do

When you hit Delete after clicking Free up space, your photos will not automatically be deleted from your iPhone. Instead, they'll be put in a Recently Deleted album in the Apple Photos app, which you can then go in and manually delete from. If you don't, the photos will be deleted automatically after 30 days Now your photos are automatically synced to iCloud, which means they'll be taking up space in iCloud, not on your iPhone. Disable saving duplicate photos when shooting in HDR On iPhones that don't have Smart HDR, when you take photos in HDR, your iPhone saves two shots: the original picture and the processed one The key to solving the problem is that deleted photos continue to take up storage space on your phone until you reallydelete them. Windows has the recycling bin. Mac has the Trash. The Photos app in IOS 8 has its own variation on Trash that only applies to photos and videos

Open Photos app and tap on the live photo you have taken, tap on the Edit button and you'll see a circle icon on the top left corner. Tap on the icon and you will find out the circle icon turns from blue into white, click Done button in the right corner and the live photo will be saved as still picture One of the biggest iPhone storage consumption culprits is photos and videos. You can find out how much space photos and videos are taking up on your phone by opening the Settings app > General >..

Either way, NO space is freed up. No photos are in the Recently Deleted album of Apple Photos which is where the photos should show up if the FREE UP Space command was successful. As I said,.. Photos and videos older than 30 days can be deleted, but they'll still be backed up in your Google Photos library. Free up space on your iPhone or iPad. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Photos app . Sign in to your Google Account. Tap your account profile photo or initial Google Photos settings Manage device settings Free up space For one thing, they take double the storage space. Here's how to turn Live Photos off. There's a certain cool factor to Live Photos, the camera feature introduced last year with iOS 9 Say my phone has 3,000 photos on it, of which 1,000 are uploaded to my OneDrive for family to see. My phones storage now is accounting for 4,000 photos and eating up more space (of which 1,000 of those photos are now taking up double space)

According to reports, Live Photos on average only take up about twice as much space as a standard photo; that's a lot less than a video does. What Else Can You Do With Live Photos? Once you've got some exciting Live Photos on your iPhone, you can share Live Photos via email, social media, and text message In my case, it's taking up 1.14 GB. If yours is taking up a significant amount of space, read on to learn how you can free it up. Automatically Delete Old Messages. RELATED: How to Free Up Space on an iPhone or iPad. To prevent messages from building up forever and taking up a larger and larger amount of storage space, you can set all. By far, videos take up the most space on your iPhone — followed distantly by music and photos. Delete a handful of videos and you'll regain a ton of space right away Scenario 1: iPhone Keeps Saying Storage Almost Full But It's Not. Scenario 2: iPhone Does Not Have Enough Space (9 Tips to Free Up More) 1. Transfer Your Photos And Videos. 2. Clear The Recently Deleted Folder. 3. Remove Unused Apps And Their Associated Data. 4 It may not be, all those photos back and forth take up space too. If you save the photos you want to your photo roll for safekeeping, the rest of the pics in Messages are just taking up extra space

How to free up more space on your iPhone to take photos. If you have a 64GB iPhone, turning on iCloud Photos might not be enough — you may need to do some more sprucing on your iPhone to make your Camera happy. Here are a few tips I've found that work well to quickly clear up space. 1. See what's taking up space However, your photos may not actually be taking up room on your iPhone. If you are thinking of deleting photos from your iPhone to save space then you should instead ensure that you have the. RAW photos take up a ton of storage space, and Apple itself puts a warning in the camera settings, citing that each file is 25MB. Compare this to the standard JPEG photos on your phone that take. You can see that my media is using up the lion's share of all my storage space, but that I'm only using, in total, 99.6GB of the 128GB available on this iPhone 7. Space to spare, for now. Below you see two options in the Recommendations section: iCloud Photo Library and Offload Unused Apps. Those are two of a number of different options. How to stop HDR photo duplicates. Step 1: Launch Settings on your iOS device and tap Camera. Step 2: Flip the Keep Normal Photo switch to the OFF position. Doing so ensures that whenever you take a HDR photo your iPhone will not keep its non-HDR variant. HDR photos in the Photos app are marked with HDR in the corner

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  1. Delete Apps That Take Up the Most Space . To address the problem of not having enough available storage, Apple built some smarts into the update process. Starting in iOS 9, when faced with the storage problem during an update, the OS tries to intelligently delete some downloadable content from your apps to free up space. Once the update.
  2. Having images in multiple albums doesn't use up more storage space on your iPhone. For example, a Live Photo will appear in the Recents album as well as the Live Photos album. But it's not taking up the storage space of two photos. The image is actually only stored once on your iPhone
  3. Can't take a photo? Use Optimize Storage to free up space on your iPhone. Delete: If you typically take 10 photos or videos to get 1 that you like, deleting those failed attempts can save you considerable space. If you don't want to risk deleting anything you think you might want in the future, you can connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows.
  4. On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage. Here you will get a breakdown of the storage space used on your iPhone by various installed apps, the OS itself, and more. You should also see the space occupied by 'Other' data here. As per Apple, the 'Other' data is occupied by the following files
  5. As you know, iPhone photos are high-quality, which means they take a lot of space. Here's a trick: if you're using the free version of iCloud, there might be a better way to store your photos

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When your iPhone storage is full, you cannot use the device to its maximum. There is no free space to download new apps, take pictures and videos, update iOS, and more. But worry not, as in this detailed guide, I will show you several effective ways to free up space on iPhone and iPad. How to check the storage on your iPhone These images aren't full-res, but are still likely to take up a lot of space on your iPhone. If you could really do with that extra space then turn off Photo Stream. Go to Settings > Photos (or. If you have your photos automatically backed up and are deleting them (see Tip 6), that should no longer be your space hog. But you may have noticed that your phone can store two images of the same photo. That's your phone using HDR (High Dynamic Range). See the difference here -- HDR is on the right If you're familiar with how cloud services like iCloud Photos or Google Photos work, you'll find quite a few similarities. You can either manually upload your photos, or you can use Amazon's iPhone app to automatically back up your pictures. In fact, with the app's auto-backup feature, it will back up photos as you take them Additionally, since each Live Photo is basically a tiny movie clip, they take up more storage space than usual on the iPhone. But not everyone likes Live Photos, and some iPhone users may find it annoying to frustrating to discover so many of their pictures are basically little photo movies

When you have the Keep Normal Photo option enabled, a normal version of the photo will be saved to your phone along with an HDR one. Turning it off means your photos only take up half the space, which is perfect if you want to free up space on your iPhone. Delete content stored in Messages Sure, you might have a lot of text-based messages in your history, but I bet they aren't really taking up that much space on your iPhone. What's likely stealing all the storage space are all the attachments you send and receive — audio, photos, stickers, videos, GIFs, and files To delete iCloud backups, follow these steps: Open the Settings app. Tap on your name at the top. Tap on iCloud. Tap on Manage Storage. Now tap on Backups. You'll see a list of all the devices you have backed up to iCloud. Tap on the name of the device you no longer want to be backed up. Now tap Delete Backup

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If you take a few photos of the same scene, then this shortcut will not regard them as duplicates. This shortcut is using MD5 value to demine if a photo is duplicated, so no additional app required. If you want to find and delete similar photos, you can check the next method. Method 2: Remove iPhone Duplicate Photos with Gemin Google Photos, available on both Android and iOS, automatically backs up 15GB worth of photos and videos for free. Or for $1.99/month, you get 100GB The .iMovieMobile file still takes up extra space on the iPhone or iPad, separate from the original project itself. With an iCloud Photo Library subscription, iOS removes some video and photo.

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Here are 10 things taking up space on your phone that definitely don't need to be there. All your text messages, ever It's one thing to save a cute voicemail from your significant other, or a. It's a handy feature, but Apple allows up to 25,000 My Photo Stream uploads per month, so it can eat up space. If storing your photos on one device is enough for you, turn Photo Stream off by.

Because no one likes to be forced to delete apps or deal with photo storage, let's look at a few ways you can reclaim some space on your iPhone without taking such drastic measures. 1. Stop. If you're not ready to buy a new Android phone and you don't have a microSD where you can move your data, you can probably pick up a lot of space with only a little bit of house cleaning 1. Open the Settings app. 2. Tap General, and then tap iPhone Storage. 3. You may need to wait a few moments, but you should see a graph at the top of the screen displaying how much free space. Photo Stream will automatically sync last 1,000 photos across your iOS devices, which means you will stores those 1,000 photos twice. What a large space they take up! So if you don't need to share your photos from your iPad to your iPhone all the time, turn it off. Go to Settings, scroll down to Photos & Camera and toggle off My Photo Stream You can reset your iPhone or iPad completely. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. Open a Finder window and click on your device's name in the lefthand bar. Click to select Back up all the.

Optimise photos stored on your device. If you are already using iCloud Photo Library to save and sync all your photos and videos across devices, you can optimise the photos that are stored on your device to take up less space. To do so, head over to Settings -> Photos & Camera and proceed to select the 'Optimise iPhone Storage' option To select multiple photos to delete, tap More. Then select all the photos you want to delete and select the trashcan in the bottom corner. 3. Delete Apps That Take Up Too Much Storage. Just like you can see which apps are taking up a lot of battery, you can view which apps are taking up a lot of storage too The number one use of iCloud space for most people is photos. Apple's iCloud Photo Library automatically backs up every single photo you take to iCloud if you enable it. If you take live photos, it'll back up the full live photos, using a lot more space. It backs up videos you record, too Free up device storage: Open the Google Photos app on your iPhone. Tap on Free up space from the side menu, and tap the Delete button to remove those photos from your device. The deleted photos.

In the Choose Data to Back Up section, you should now see a list of the five apps that take up the most space on iCloud. 8. Turn off the backup feature for any of these apps by swiping the button. After you move the selected photos from your device, you can delete the photos from your iPhone to free up space. Transfer iPhone photos via iCloud Photo Stream. This one works as a cloud storage option and allows you to download the photos on your Mac or PC by accessing the iCloud Photo Stream Open the Facebook app > tap the More icon > Settings > Account Settings > Videos and Photos take up a lot of storage space on your iPhone. Deleting and reinstalling the app will free up space. To see how much space each app occupies, iOS users can go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. On an Android smartphone, open Settings > Storage > Apps. By deleting a handful of apps, you could potentially free up as much as 500MB with little or no effort

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1. Delete the app that takes up a lot of storage, delete it and then download it from the AppStore, which will reduce the app's documents and data. Check all app usage in iPhone storage view. 2. Turn on iCloud Photo Library to store photos in the iCloud to save the iPhone storage. 3 Photos & Videos routinely show up in the top two to three apps when it comes to how much storage space is being used on my iPhone. If you happen to have purchased a phone with the least amount of storage (16 GB or less), this can quickly become an ongoing struggle between the memories you already have experienced and the ones that are yet to come RUNNING out of space on your iPhone is a right bore, but there's a simple way to fix it. The solution involves iCloud, Apple's cloud storage service that lets you backup photos, videos and more to. Your iPhone Storage menu will divide that bar up top into familiar categories like Apps, Media, Photos, and Mail, but also an Other category that is sometimes very large. It's common for Other. If you are searching for ways to delete photos from iPhone but keep them in iCloud, this guide will give you a couple of useful tips to get the job done by turning off iCloud Photos, importing iCloud photos to the computer before deleting, transferring all photos to the computer, or backing up iCloud via iCloud alternative tools. There is always a way that can help you get the job done

Keep in mind, videos take up the most storage. Delete all photos on your iPhone using your Mac. Thanks to Apple's all-in-one ecosystem, deleting all photos from your iPhone using your Mac is the. 1. Try hard reboot your iPhone. On an iPhone device: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and Volume Down button at the same time for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. Then you can check your messages again. 2. If the issue still exists, go to Settings > iMessage to turn it off Fix iOS 11 Not Saving Photos. 2. Other Suggestions to Fix iPhone Not Saving Photos. 1 > Free up your iPhone/iPad space. There may not enough space to store the pictures, you can delete useless apps, delete photos, songs, old messages. More info: How to Free Up Space on iPhone/iPad in iOS 11 > 2 > Reboot your device

Looking in iTunes and clicking on photos under summary it is empty. There are no photos. Looking at the multi-colored bar across the bottom on iTunes it shows audio - photos - apps, etc. When I click on photos it shows 54 photos using 1.18GB. This is obviously what is showing up in the phones storage This does not include information that is automatically synced to iCloud. Assuming you are using iCloud Photos, your photos along with files you keep in iCloud Drive, may be taking up quite a bit of space on your old iPhone. This means that transferring from iCloud allows you to set up your new iPhone without transferring as much data You can use iCloud to store a lot of your files from your iPhone, without taking up the space on your iPhone. Here's how it works: You take a photo on your iPhone. Instead of the photo being stored on your iPhone itself, it's stored in iCloud. Your iPhone can access and see these photos if you're connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. Imagine if. After you trimmed the photos you have on your iPhone or iPad, look at pics coming from other sources.If you have iCloud Photo Sharing enabled, ones from other sources are taking up space on your.

Here is how to sync iPhone photos to iCloud from computer: Step 1. Transfer all photos from iPhone to your computer. Step 2. Go to Photos App to delete all the pictures that you don't want to keep on your iPhone. Step 3. Go to iCloud.com to upload the exported pictures from computer to your iCloud Drive Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone, and follow up by tapping on your profile. Next, tap iCloud. Step 2: Underneath the Storage section, you can see the amount of free space in iCloud. If. There are a number of ways to free up space on your iPhone, including transferring your photos and videos — which take up the most space — onto another device or into the cloud Twitter is full of videos, GIFs, and photos, but preloading them can take up a lot of space on your iPhone. Here's how to clear that cache out. Clear Twitter's data cache to free your phone of. In the section above, the screenshot of a Backup shows WhatsApp is taking over 1.29GB in space on my iPhone. That's because I receive a lot of images and videos — just like everyone else

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Open the Music app. Go to Library > Downloaded Music, where you'll see music that's stored locally and taking up space. If you want to delete an entire album, press on it and a pop-up menu will. If you find yourself running out of onboard storage on your iPhone or iPad, you're not alone. Here's how to ensure you always have enough space for your next.. For most Apple users, backups, photos, and messages can take up half of your storage space or more. Scroll down to find a detailed list of installed apps and how much iCloud storage they are each. We all send text messages with our phones, and sometimes they take up too much space such that there's not enough left to save or back up new photos and videos, messages, apps, and more. Backing them up is a great way of freeing up and/or saving on space, besides having an extra place to save every message you receive or send out You should also consider the following technique to save storage space on iPhone and iPad: Delete items in the Screenshots album, as well as photo duplicates and visually similar images in the Photos app. Delete, or transfer to a computer your high-resolution panoramic photographs which tend to take up quite a lot of storage space

How to delete photos from Apple Watch. Finally, photos can also take up space on your Apple Watch. Although it is not much, if you do not want them to be there, removing them is very easy to do. From the iPhone go to the Apple Watch application again and in Photo Synchronization mark or download the albums you want to have on the watch Method 2. Clear WeChat History to Free Up WeChat Storage on iPhone. Or you can also delete WeChat chat history to make up more space on iPhone. But please be noted that this only clear some of WeChat data from your iPhone. Step 1. Unlock your iPhone and open WeChat app. Step 2. On WeChat app, please tap Me > Settings > General > Storage. Tap the Enable button and iOS will automatically monitor your iPhone's storage. If it needs more space, it'll automatically clear up space by deleting apps you never use anymore. 5) Set Messages To Auto-Delete Your iMessage and email history can take up gigabytes of space, especially if you send or receive a lot of photos via text. In.