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We have all grown up to Tenali Raman stories as kids. On reading his stories, we are always awed by his extraordinary intelligence and wisdom, along with his humorous tricks.. For those who don't know, Tenali Raman was a poet, scholar, thinker and the court advisor to King Krishnadevaraya in the Vijayanagara Empire, who ruled from C.E. 1509 to 1529

One such storyteller is Tenali Ramakrishna a.k.a Tenali Raman or Tenali Rama. Who is Tenali Rama? Tenali Rama was a Telugu poet and advisor in the court of King Krishnadevaraya, in what is now known as Andhra Pradesh. He was also known as the court jester because of his witty and humorous stories Tenali Raman is the smart and witty court jester of King Krishnadevaraya. Read the funny Tenali Raman stories for kids. The stories will make you laugh and admire Tenali Raman at the same time. Find out how Tenali Raman got the boon to make others laugh and how he used his smartness to help King Krishnadevaraya

July 11th, 2018 - Wise Tenali Raman Stories in English Language Tenali Rama and the Goddess Kali - Childhood Story Of Tenali Raman Ramakrishna was born in a village in Andhra Pradesh during the early part of the sixteenth century When he was very young his father passed away and he grew u Related - Hansel and Gretel story, 20 Short Moral Stories, Monkey and cat story english, The lion and the Mouse Story, The Fox and the Grapes Story, Panchatantra Stories english, Vikram and Betal Stories English, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, English story collection, Best Tenali Raman stories english, Adam and Eves bible story, Bed Time. Top 3 Tenali Raman Stories in English (Long & Short) Tenali Rama and the Goddess Kali - Childhood Story Of Tenali Raman Ramakrishna was born in a village in Andhra Pradesh during the early part of the sixteenth century Tenali Ramakrishna's Short Stories for Children. Tenali Raman's elephant story is a story of wit and intelligence and is just one of the good stories. Listed below are 10 such fun and interesting stories which throw light on Tenali Raman's wisdom, brilliance, and acumen

Pebbles present Tenali Raman Stories for kids. The most popular stories for kids in HD Quality. The most famous stories for children in HD Quality. Pebbles p.. June 5, 2021. June 3, 2021. by Mukesh Joshi. -Spread the love-. This is one of the Tenali Raman English Stories - Arab Horses. One day, A merchant of Arab region came to sell horses in the court of Maharaj (King) Krishnadeva Raya. He narrated his horses and persuaded Maharaja Krishnadeva Raya to buy all the horses and finally sell all his horses All 50 Tenali Raman Stories in English - PDF Free Download April 15, 2020 Story Blog , Downloads , Funny Stories , Short Stories , Tenali Raman Tales Comments: 3 1 He was particularly known for his humor and knack of making fun of others. This is why Tenali Raman stories are humorous in nature and would have your child in splits. Our team has made sure that it is easy for you or your child to filter the stories on preset parameters that help group Tenali Raman stories in a manner you can relish

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Tenali Rama stories. Kids love Tenali Rama stories. They are plain, simple, and fun-filled. They are also filled with morals and life skills that one needs to possess to become a good individual. Here is a collection of Tenali Rama stories that your children and you will enjoy. Please move on to read them. The Brahmins and the Golden Mangoe This is the Cat That Hat Milk and Tenali Raman Story in English.Once the rats in the state had disturbed the public a lot in the state. There were so many mice in people's homes that they spoiled all the food and clothes kept in the house Tenali Raman Stories in English. Tenali Ramakrishna was a poet and an advisory to King Krishnadevaraya.He was known for his amazing wit, humor, and extraordinary intelligence. All the stories of Tenali Raman tell us about his relationship with the king, his wisdom, and his problem-solving capabilities. Acquaint your child with Tenali Ramakrishna with his amazing tales 20 Funny And Witty Tenali Rama Stories In English, For Kids. Kids. 20 Funny And Witty Tenali Rama Stories In English, For Kids. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . There once lived a poet whose intelligence and sense of humor made him dearest to the king. The tales of his wit and wisdom, known as Tenali tales, are popular among children even. Watch the Funny Tenali Raman story, Pot Mask, Funny Cartoon Story In English. Enjoy the Animated Cartoon Story For Kids in HD only on Bachpan Tube Channel.On..

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Tenali Raman And The Proud Priest. This is one of the best Tenali Raman stories. Subba Shastri was a learner priest at King Krishna Deva Raya's palace. However, he was very proud and thought that he was better than everybody else. He was jealous of the clever Tenali Raman and always trie At this everyone conclude that the boy had a dream because there was no rains the day before. So Tenali Raman stories end in a fun and witty way. This one is among some most famous Tenali Raman stories in English. Now lets move on to the next Funny Tenali Raman story: #2. The Cursed Ma Tenali Raman was the royal poet of Vijaya Nagar under the rule of king Krishna Devaraya. He went on to become a world famous person. Tenali Raman could have lived between 1509 AD - 1529 AD.He is known for his wit and humour In the third doll, the wire went to the heart and did not come out. Tenali Rama explained, In the first doll, the wire went in through the ear and came out through the mouth. So, this doll is bad as it represents people who cannot keep a secret. In the second doll, the wire came out of the other ear

Tenali Ramakrishna, The Humorous Poet: Tenali Ramakrishna is popularly known as Tenali Rama and Vikata Kavi. He was a court-poet of the Vijaya Nagar Empire in the 16th century CE during Krishnadevaraya period. The Vijaya Nagar Empire has a prominent place in the Indian History and also flourished the culture and heritage of India English Kids Stories, Tenali Raman Stories Long Stories for Kids , Stories for all ages , Stories for parents , UKG Holi, the festival of colors, was celebrated every year with great pomp and festivities in the the Vijayanagar empire Raman the detective. Tenali Raman was once walking along a forest path when he was stopped by a merchant. I'm looking for my camel which has strayed away. Did you see it passing by? asked the merchant. Had the camel hurt its leg? asked Raman. Oh yes! That means you have seen my camel! said the merchant. Only its footprints Best Short Stories on Moral Values in English for all and Motivational and Inspirational Moral Story in English. categories includes.. Moral Stories : Moral values can be a great foundation for everyone. Tenali Raman : Funny stories of the witty Tenali Raman. Akbar Birbal Stories : Have some Fun: read the Folktales stories of akbar-birbal

Tenali Raman Stories - Browse through and read from our thenali raman stories in english collection of fun and adventurous Tenali Raman stories about the witty historical figure, Tenali Raman. But cats feed on milk and not every house owned a cow to get the milk. Tenali Raman came to Hampi, the capital of Vijayanagara empire Raman Stories; Tenali Raman Stories for Kids. Tenali Raman English Short Stories. Tales of humor - a collection of witty tales of comic poet Tenali Ramakrishnan The Irreverent Devotee : A Raman Story. Let us enjoy reading this Raman Story of The Irreverent Devotee . Tenali Raman prayed fervently to Goddess Kali. And one day the goddess sporting a thousand faces appeared before him. Rama was awed and was about to prostrate himself when a silly thought entered his head English Primary School A humorous story of Tenali Raman 1 See answer silverisaisrinivas is waiting for your help. Add your answer and earn points. tdeb4688 tdeb4688 Tenali Raman and the weight lifter. Tenali Raman and his wife were on their way to Hampi, the capital of Vijayanagara. On the way, they passed through a village at the foot of a hill Tenali Raman Challenge to Weight Lifter By MoralStories26.com On 17/06/2020 17/06/2020 In Folktales Tagged Folktales Stories in English , Stories on Cleverness , Tenali Raman Stories , Witty Short Stories Leave a commen

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Find books like 50 Great Stories of Tenali Rama: classic Humorous Tenali Rama stories collection with illuatration. from the world's largest community of.. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures Two Minute Solutions: Tenali R. Radhakrishan came up to Tenali Raman and complained about his father. Radhakrishnan was well educated and progressive in mind. His sister Lakshmi was also a graduate but dark in complexion. His father Sundaram insisted on seeking a dowry for his son. Radhakrishan didn't like it one bit. So, he had come to complain

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Horse Thief/ Statue of Man and Lion - Short Funny Stories. Story 1: Horse Thief..! Once a man was going to another village on his horse. Village was quiet far away. Man started feeling tired while crossing forest. So, he came down from his horse and lay under a tree shade to rest and soon fell asleep. He tied his horse near by Panchatantra Stories in Hindi (पंचतंत्र की कहानियां) (102) Ramayana Stories - रामायण की कहानियां (6) Tenali Rama Stories - तेनाली रामा की कहानियां (26) जातक कथाएं (7) Inspiration (95) Life (292) Love (22) Motivation. Related - Hansel and Gretel story, 20 Short Moral Stories, Monkey and cat story english, The lion and the Mouse Story, The Fox and the Grapes Story, Panchatantra Stories english, Vikram and Betal Stories English, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, English story collection, Best Tenali Raman stories english, Adam and Eves bible stor -> Tenali Raman: Funny stories of the witty Tenali Raman-> Akbar Birbal Stories: Read Folktales stories of Akbar-Birbal And newly added stories from Motivational, Classic, Funny, Folktale, Humorous, Short stories, Popular Rhymes, Riddles, Tongue Twisters, Idioms, Space Education, and Other Stories. All the best and happy reading Tenali Raman and his wife were going to a friend's wedding. His wife wore her best sari and jewels. Suddenly from behind, a bullock cart, totally out of control, came rushing by. Tenali quickly pulls his wife towards himself in an effort to bring her to safety, loses balance and both of them fall into a pit along the road

Amazon.com: All in one Humor Omnibus (Illustrated): Tales of Birbal, Tenali Rama, Mulla Nasruddin, Maryada Raman & Paramananda (9781514236215): Sufiyan: Book This app provides more than '2500 English Short Stories' along with 12 various categories to choose from, Motivational Stories. Tenali Raman Stories. Inspirational Stories. Akbar Birbal. Classic English stories that are most popular and famous now in one great app offline. This app contain various stories categories like humor, comedy, ancient stories, folktales stories, Moral Stories, Tenali Raman, Akbar Birbal Stories, Aladdin (Magic Lamp), The Arabian Nights, Inspirational Stories, Bedtime Stories, Motivational stories Comical Stories, Educational Stories, Fables Stories. Akbar Birbal story and Tenali Raman stories will make your kid smarter, Share some funny stories, horror stories or moral stories with your loved ones, ABSOLUTELY FREE of cost! Now, you don't have to search for interesting stories. Get it all in this app itself! Download and check it out Tenali Rama was a courtier to Emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya, who ruled the mighty kingdom of Vijayanagara. Here is a story where Tenali Rama used his wit and humor to hint the emperor about his hasty decision subtly. Once, the royal mother fell sick and was bedridden

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Tenali Raman and the Weightlifter. Tenali Raman and his wife were on their way to Hampi, the capital of Vijayanagara. On the way, they passed through a village at the foot of a hill. The villagers had gathered in front of the village temple. Raman's wife became curious and dragged her husband to the spot If you find చల్లటి ఎండాకాలం - Cold Summer Tenali Rama Short Story In Telugu so we provide చల్లటి ఎండాకాలం - Cold Summer Tenali Ram

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The actual name of Tenali Raman is Tenali Ramalingam, Tenali being his surname (the first names of South Indians are their surnames). Popularly, he was known as Tenali Ramakrishna. He was a poet in the court of the great Emperor Krishnadeva Raya.. Tenali Raman or Tenali Ramalingam was a minister in the court of the king of Vijaynagar, Krishnadeva Rai. Tenali Rama was a great scholar of several languages that included Marathi, Tamil and Kannada. He was popular all over the country for his wit and a great sense of humor The Disloyal Friend - Tenali Raman - Animated Stories In English For Kids , Animated cinema and cartoon movies HD Online free video Subtitles and dubbed Watch 2016 FullHD Movie Trailer 42:5 Tenali Raman Stories for Children In Tamil - The Cat That Hates Milk - Cartoon Animation Tenali Raman was a Telegu Poet and a Jester at King Krishnadevaraya's court in Vijayanagara. These stories emphasize his ready wit and intellectual capabilit.. Spanish short stories - Learning Spanish through English. Tenali Raman - Tenali Raman y la Diosa . One day, a great sage visited Tenali Raman's village. He looked at Tenali Raman and said, You are Tenali Raman. I can see into your future. You shall become a great poet and everyone in the Kingdom shall know your name. Translat

Tales of Tenali Rama is a series of 10 books that compiles timeless stories of Tenali Rama and presents them in an entertaining and delightful manner. Each story bears testimony to his sharp mind, quick wit, ingenuity and wisdom. The stories are illustrated with brilliant pictures that complement the text and take the stories further Akbar-Birbal Stories Asian Stories Downloads English Stories Funny Stories George Carlin Horror Stories Little Johnny Stories Movie Lists Movie Subtitles Quotes & Facts Short Stories Standup Comedy Scripts Story Blog Tenali Raman Tales Tv Series Subtitles Uncategorized स्वप्न महल - Tenali Rama Story In Hindi. एक रात राजा कृष्णदेव राय ने सपने में एक बहुत ही सुंदर महल देखा, जो अधर में लटक रहा था। उसके अंदर के कमरे रंग-बिरंगे पत्थर से बने थे. Tenali Ramakrishna is more fondly known as Tenali Rama across India. Although he was employed as a Telugu poet at the court of King Krishnadevaraya, who ruled Vijayanagara from AD 1509 to 1529 and wrote many poems, he is well known for his sense of humor which was conveyed very well in his short stories Also most of the sources uses Tenali Ramakrishna and it should be used as common name. Tenali Raman is probably known in Tamilnadu. Nowhere else he is called Tenali Raman. Hindi people call him Tenali Ram. Since most of the sources use Tenali Rama Krishna. it should be used as common nameNagarjuna198 07:04, 17 June 2014 (UTC

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  1. Tenali Raman, Short Funny Stories of Tenali Raman About Tenali Raman: Tenali Ramakrishna(a.k.a Tenali Ramalinga, a.k.a Tenali Raman) who was known as. Tenali Ramakrishna also known as the Vikatakavi, Pandit Ramakrishna is a poet, scholar, He shared his life story with Krishnadevaraya, who granted him the post of the This film was also made in.
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  3. Something similar is happening with SAB TV historical comedy, Tenali Rama, which is now all set to embark on a second time leap, and again, the lead actress Niya Sharma has quit, not wanting to age on screen. Last year Priyamvada Kant too had put in her papers for the same reason. I did not want to leave, but the script demanded that I look.
  4. Tenali Raman Stories: The wit and humor stories of Tenali Raman Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required
  5. Aug 24, 2015 - Read an interesting story about Tenali Raman and the secret of weaving invisible fabric. The capital of Vijayanagar was ruled by King Krishna Deva Raya
  6. The thieves were terribly shocked and ran away from the house of Tenali Rama. Short Stories for Kids - Moral Stories - English Short Stories for Children - Moral Stories for Kids - Stories for Kids - Funny Story for Kids - Scary Stories for Kids - Really Funny Short Stories - Bedtime Stories
  7. Tales of tenali ramakrishna. 1. Tales of Tenali Ramakrishna Tenali Ramakrishna, popularly known as Tenali Rama, was a court-poet of Krishnadeva Raya of the Vijayanagara empire. He was known for his wit and impressive poetry written in the Telugu language. Ramakrishna was called a vikata kavi and he was one of the Ashtadiggajas of the.

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Tales of Tenali Raman - Tenali Raman and The Shrewd Barber. The royal barber in the court of King Krishnadevaraya was known for his efficiency. He was a real expert and was known for his skilled hands and expertise. But the barber himself was never happy and satisfied with his work. He wanted to be better and do much better than his present work This is why Tenali Raman stories are humorous in nature and would have your child in splits. This page was last edited on 27 Julyat Tales of Tenali Rama. From Ih, the free encyclopedia. Sign in Get started. Tenali Raman stories for kids as well thenaliraman story in for everybody teach them wisdom and values through wit and humour through this app 4. What do you think Tenali Raman will do in the story? 5. Can you share a story about Tenali Raman? A. Reading Read the following drama and answer the questions that follow: Tenali Raman was a poet and jester at the court of King Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagar. He was famous for his wit and intelligence. This interesting play provides an.

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  1. Tenali Ramakrishna . This is a popular story about Ramakrishna. This story is an answer to the question - how could a boy without formal schooling become a scholar? Who knows what truth there is in it? Later, in the king's court two gifts of Ramakrishna, namely his sense of humor and his courage, were amply exhibited. He could se
  2. ‎A gang of thieves has been terrorizing the kingdom, and now, they are ready to rob Raman's house. Read about how Tenali Raman foils their plans. The Appu Series consists of beautifully illustrated and captivatingly narrated books which bring to life humorous stories about the great Tenali Raman. En
  3. 40 Best Tenali Raman Stories For Kids images ¦ Stories for Tenali Raman Short Story In English: Tenali Rama was traveling to Hampi, with his wife. On their way, they came across a small town. There was a huge crowd gathered near the village temple. His wife got curious and dragged Rama with her to see what the hustle was all about
  4. d that Tenali Raman displays in each story and will admire his wittiness. As children read that humorous stories, they are sure to fall in love with the.
  5. ently in a host of folk stories.According to tradition he was a court-poet, or Ashtadiggajas, .Tenali Rama Krishna Stories, Telugu Short Stories for Children, Animated.

English. The story unfolds on the insight of Tenali Raman's desire to outwit the Rajguru at every turn, and become the royal court jester of Vijayanagara. The king Krishnadevaraya is impressed by Raman's wit, and appoints him as the king's royal jester. Raman, therefore, accomplishes both these ends, with his clever schemes Tenali Raman accepted the linguist's challenge. The linguist put a condition in front of the king, that if Tenali Raman failed in proving so, the king would have to reward the linguist with whatever he asked for. The king readily agreed as he had full confidence in Tenali. Tenali turned to the linguist and said, Sir, I really appreciate your. The stories of Birbal, Tenali Rama, Mulla Nasruddin, Maryada Raman and Paramanda are an essential part of Indian folklore. These stories are famous for wits, wisdom and pure humor and have enchanted the readers. In our efforts to bring classic Indian literature onto the modern e-book platform, we.. Tenali Raman. ‪Manjunath_H_P‬. ‪Kids & family > Books & reference‬. This Application Contains Stories Of Tenali Raman (Thenali Raman) and his great attitude and speech.. The Stories Are Quite Funnier and Interesting More Stories Will be Updated During Regular Intervals... Stay In Touch.. 3+ Watch Tenali Rama Latest Episodes Online in full HD on SonyLIV. Enjoy Tenali Rama best trending moments, video clips, and promos online. Watch Tenali Rama Online - All Latest Episodes Online on SonyLIV Tenali Rama. U/A 7+ 2017 Comedy English 801 Episodes. The show traces the journey of a 20 year old boy, Tenali Rama who dreams of becoming rich.

Tenali Paints A Horse Questions & Answers. Jester - a man who tells jokes and funny stories Wit - the ability to say clever and amusing things Stallion - an adult male horse Gestures - signals with hand Question 1: Why did Tenali Raman look displeased? Answer: Tenali Raman looked displeased because he could not see the other side of the two men in the painting and thought that the. The Weed Gallery is a collection of short stories and adventures set in the mid-1970s, as lived by those who shared a fondness for marijuana. Funny, irreverent, sad, even reckless at times, this lens highlight's the illicit weed's liberating impact on an era in adventures from the streets of New York to British Columbia, New Orleans to Kansas The Best of Tenali Raman by Mrs Rungeen Singh is a great compilation of interesting and entertaining stories of Tenali Raman right from his childhood to adulthood. The author has narrated the stories very beautifully using very simple and limpid language. Printed Pages: 160. Goodwill Publishing House 0, 2008. Softcover. Condition: New

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Amazon.in - Buy All in One Humor Omnibus: Tales of Birbal, Tenali Rama, Mulla Nasruddin, Maryada Raman & Paramananda book online at best prices in India on Amazon.in. Read All in One Humor Omnibus: Tales of Birbal, Tenali Rama, Mulla Nasruddin, Maryada Raman & Paramananda book reviews & author details and more at Amazon.in. Free delivery on qualified orders Tenali Rama(n) Tenali Raman or Tenali Ramakrishnan, was also known as Vikata Kavi (witty poet) and Tenali Rama. He is a South Indian folk hero who was a court poet and the court jester of King Sri Krishnadevaraya in the Vijayanagar Empire around the 16th century. Over the generations the stories of his wit and intelligence have inspired many. The Great Tenali Rama (Illustrated): Stories Of Wits And Humor Sufiyan, East Anglia: England's Eastern Province, R. H Mottram, State Of The Union Address John Quincy Adams, Diagnosis In A Multicultural Context: A Casebook For Mental Health Professionals (Multicultural Aspects Of Counseling And Psychotherapy) Freddy A. Paniagu The English Story: Best Short Stories for Kids. This application comes up with More than 2500 best short stories for kids in a variety of categories such as Akbar Birbal, Tenali Raman, Panchatantra Stories, Arabian Night, Stories for kids, Inspirational, and many more! Some of the most amazing features worth looking at Tenali raman stories in hindi l ii ab ll witty famous stories anecdotes e b b. Tenali raman hindi stories collection for children. Inspirational moral stories and humorous stories for students can be used in story competition as well. December 23 2016 stories for ki... Moral Akbar Birbal Story In English Pdf

Tenali Raman is India's first animated 2d series. It takes a trip through history to a world of monarchs and palaces. It is based on the character from Indian folklore, Tenali. An intellectual and witty Tenali Raman is a courtier in King Krishnadevaraya's court, who brings justice and triumphs over his adversaries by his wit and charm Tenali Raman Stories in English | Tenali Ramakrishna First time ever we are giving the complete Tenali Raman life story with 50 chapters or short tenali Raman stories in English. download pdf or read online free 20 Funny And Witty Tenali Rama Stories In English, For Kids Tenali Rama and the Brinjal Curry ; Tenali Raman stories are classics. Tenali Raman Stories in Tamil for Children - Matchless Wit - Cartoon Animation Stories for Kids. Tenali Raman was a Telegu Poet and a Jester at King Krishnadevaraya's court in Vijayanagara. These stories emphasize his ready wit and intellectual capabilit.. Tenali Ramakrishna (also known as Pandit Rama) was a poet, scholar, thinker and a Special Advisor in the court of Sri Krishnadevaraya. He was a Telugu poet who hailed from what is now the Andhra Pradesh region, generally known for his wit and humour. He was one of the Ashtadiggajas or the eight poets at the court of Krishnadevaraya, the Vijayanagara emperor. When he was a child his father was.

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Answer: Tenali Raman won the bet by painting a few lines and by explaining that he had drawn a grazing horse which was outside the canvas. He indirectly told the king that a good picture is not always what you imagine but what you can actually see. This was all about Tenali Paints A Horse questions & answers Tenali Ramakrishna is a folk hero in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, who figures prominently in a host of folk stories. According to tradition he was a court-poet, or Ashtadiggajas, one of the eight elephants of Telugu poetry, and court-jester of Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire in the 16th century Tenali Raman Stories In Malayalam Pdf. Sri Krishna Devaraya was the emperor of Vizayanagra. He had eight advisors. Tenali Rama was one among them. He was very clever and spontaneous. Sri Krishna Devaraya had some special kind of brinjal plants in his garden. The brinjal was very rare kind and curry made out of it was very tasty which was loved. Akbar Birbal Story, 2. Tenali Raman Stories, 3. Horror Stories, 9. Funny Stories, 10. Moral Stories, 11. you don't have to search for that best-loved English story and can easily find it.

Tenali Rama Stories In English For Android Apk Download. Tenali Raman Stories Secrets Of Marriage A Healthy. Index Of Wp Content Uploads 2016 04. Tenali Ramakrishna Story In Hindi Small Story. Reviewed by Melissa Smith. Published: 2019-02-19T20:16:00-09:00. Rating : 4.5 thiruvananthapuram: the redoubtable folk prankster tenali raman will be reaching millions of indian children in animation form before the year end. the work on the funny, clever telugu folk hero. Known for his wit and humor, Tenali Rama was a genius and a great scholar in several languages like Sanskrit, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and Kannada.His poetry was impressive and the popular humorous stories about him continue to entertain the kids and also the adults.This book is a collection of some of these tales कुए की शादी | Tenali ke Kisse in Hindi ~ thekahaniyahindi कुए की शादी | Clever Tenali Raman Story in Hindi | Tenaliram ki New Kahaniya एक बार तेनालीराम महाराज कृषणदेवराय से किसी बात पर नाराज था की महाराज ने उसे फिर से.

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