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Another wildly popular Poodle mix is the Goldendoodle - bred from a Golden Retriever and Poodle. If you're looking for a larger Poodle mix with a great positive vibe, Goldendoodles are a top choice. Both Golden Retrievers and Poodles have some of the best temperaments for families The Schnoodle is a Poodle mix that crossbreeds the Schnauzer and Poodle. Breeding one purebred parent of each won't necessarily give you a Schnoodle, as it takes a few generations to reach the desired mix. The fluffy coat of the Schnoodle is a balanced combination of wavy and incredibly soft A fairly common poodle mix, the Maltipoo is part Poodle, a part Maltese. A fairly active dog, these charming pets are great with kids and families as well as those who love having a bit of extra company

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  1. Poodle mixes combine a Standard, Miniature, or Toy Poodle with another pure bred dog. These mixes aim to make a new puppy that combines their looks and temperaments perfectly. Often, a hypoallergenic coat is one of the desired qualities. But, it's impossible to predict which traits these mixes will inherit
  2. Poodle mixes are hybrid dogs that are bred by mating a purebred Poodle with any other purebred dog. All Poodle mix dogs are classified as designer breeds. The Poodle is the 7th most popular dog breed in the United States. So, it was unavoidable that Poodle hybrids would be among the most popular mixed breed dogs
  3. The Schnoodle is a combination of the Schnauzer and the Poodle. Some doodles are usually a 50/50 Poodle mix, but it usually takes several generations for the Schnoodle to get to the ideal combination of genetics. A perfect Schnoodle is marked by a particular kind of fur and not the size of personality
  4. Poodle mix-breeds are happy, affectionate, friendly, gentle, social, and loyal dogs. The lovable Bossi-poo has all of these traits. Due to their mixed parentage, the Bossi-Poo's coat is short, like a Boston Terrier or tight and curly like a Poodle. If you're living in an area with cold weather, be sure to cover your Bossi-Poo to keep it warm
  5. It is therefore, a mass of the dog lovers like poodle mixes with other dogs. It is a fascination of poodle. Now, in the world, there are various dogs that are a mix of poodles with any other breed. Like Poodles its mixes are also wonderful
  6. Poodle mixes or crossbreeds are the mixed offspring that contain some Poodle in them.. These types of poodle mixes are often called mixed breed, designer, or hybrid dogs. Rachelle - Poodle Mix Puppy for Sale in Adamsville, O

A Miniature Poodle Mix is a cross between a Miniature Poodle and another dog breed. A mixed-breed can take on any combination of traits from their parents, so it's important to ask the breeder about the other parent breed in the mix The Poodle, ranked second in terms of intelligence are known for their cute looks and warm disposition. Crosses of Poodle created by mixing them with several purebreds, would mostly carry the intelligence, toy-size, fluffy appearance and hypoallergenic coats of the former, alongside the traits of the other parent Poodle Mixes are some of the most popular crossbreeds in the world. The wonderful and ever desirable Poodle is a fine choice for breeding as their friendly and loving nature easily compliments the more stubborn and feisty traits of other dogs The bernedoodle, or Bernese mountain poodle mix, is the most mellow, loving, calm dog you may ever meet. His endless pounds of fluff may seem overbearing at first sight, but get to know the sweet-faced, even-tempered, real-life teddy bear and your heart will melt

The Doxiepoo is a mix of the Poodle and the Dachshund breeds. Every puppy looks a bit different - most have the long body of the Dachshund and the curly hair of the Poodle! 10 A Poodle mix is an offspring of purebred Poodle and any other purebred dog breed. As a result, Poodle mixes are often referred to as designer dogs, hybrid dogs or mixed-breed dogs. This article also lists the top 20 best poodle mixes. Biologically, a poodle mix is an intraspecies hybrid and not a hybrid between two different species as such Poodle Labrador Mix (Labradoodle) The combination of a Labrador and the Poodle gives the Labradoodle mixed breed. This hybrid designer dog acquires the traits from both its purebred parent dog breeds A Doodle is any kind of dog that's an offspring of a Poodle and another purebred dog or Poodle mix. Some Doodles may have 75% Poodle due one parent being pure Poodle and the other being a Doodle mix, but they all have at least a good chunk of Poodle

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The Labradoodle is arguably the most popular Poodle mix. They were created in the 1990s when the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia wanted to provide a service dog for a person allergic to dog hair. They decided to cross the Labrador with the Poodle and create a smart service dog that barely sheds Poodle mix. Broward County, Plantation, FL ID: 21-05-28-00135. Back to Photo **WE ONLY DO HOME VISITS FOR ADOPTIONS NEAR BROWARD & PALM BEACH COUNTIES** PLEASE READ HIS FULL BIO BEFORE Find Local Poodle Mixes • Poodle mix and hybrid dog breeders are listed below alphabetically by state / city. • Click on underlined words to find the Poodle Mix puppies for sale. • Please tell the Poodle mix and hybrid dog breeders with puppies for sale that you found them on BreedersClub.net

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Meet top 10 poodle mixes that stay small. Small poodle mixed breeds such as cavapoo, pomapoo, corgipoo puppies and full grown, yorkipoo dog, poodle mixes tha.. Labradoodle - Labrador Poodle Cross. Originally bred in Australia, this gorgeous canine was initially raised as a guide dog for blind people. The mixture of Poodle and Labrador has resulted in a breed that is both beautiful and smart. These are one of the most popular Poodle mix breeds thanks to their sociable nature, high level of intelligence. List of Popular Poodle Mixes The Poodle, ranked second in terms of intelligence are known for their cute looks and warm disposition. Crosses of Poodle created by mixing them with several purebreds , would mostly carry the intelligence, toy-size, fluffy appearance and hypoallergenic coats of the former, alongside the traits of the other parent Poodle Mix Puppies For Sale Available Poodle Mix Puppies For Sale in PA Serving PA, MD, NY, NJ, DE, RI, VA, WV, CT and Washington DC for more than 40 years! Poodle Mix Puppies For Sale in PA Breed Info When looking for a puppy mixed with Poodle, it's most important to research the other breeds in the puppy

POODLE MIX PUPPIES AT STONE BRIDGE. Located in Allenwood PA 17810. Welcome to Stone Bridge Puppies!! We hope you enjoy our site! We are a small family run kennel specializing in small and large breed poodle mixes. We also offer AKC reg. Boxers, German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers from time to time Poodle · Albuquerque, NM. Caesar Male Toy Poodle mix Born ~ 2014 Weight ~ 15 pounds Adoption Fee: $195 NMAF ADOPTION APPLICATION, found at more. Tools. Caesar - Adoption Pending ·3 weeks ago on Petfinder.com

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A dwarf Poodle or miniature Poodle (commonly known as a mini Poodle) are, as their name suggests, one of the smaller Poodle types. The differences in size are gradual and these limits are 28-35 cm at the withers and 4-7 kg in weight. It my be difficult to tell the difference between a medium and a standard Poodle, but the difference between the mini and large Poodles are obvious Poodle mixes or crossbreeds are the mixed offspring that contain some Poodle in them. These types of poodle mixes are often called mixed breed, designer, or hybrid dogs. Because of the coat of a poodle, some poodle mixes don't shed, or shed very little

Toy Poodle Mixes are little, so they don't need as much space as larger dog breeds. They can be just as active, but will tire out after a few laps around the living room. A Toy Poodle Mix is a good companion for people who tend to prefer lapdogs as opposed to running partners The Terrier Poodle mix, also known as the Terridoodle, is the combination of a Terrier and Poodle. In this case, the particular terrier breed is the Australian Terrier. The appearance of this Poodle mix is variable. For example, they can have black or brown noses. Some care is needed for their personality We have Rescued, Rehabilitated and Re-Homed 1000's of poodles, poodle mixes, and honorary poodles. Onsite Vet Clinic. We maintain an onsite veterinary clinic with surgical. suite strictly for our rescued dogs. Be a Part of Something Big. Become a valued PRH Gold Member and make a big difference in the daily lives of the dogs in our program

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10 Things You Need to Know About Bichon Poodle Mix. Bichon Poodle (Bichon Poo), Also known as a Poochon or a Bichpoo, is a designer dog that's created by crossing the Bichon Frise and the Poodle. The aim of this is to meld the best characteristics of these two pure breeds. The result of this crossbreeding is a small and sturdy bundle of joy. Poodle and Pooch Rescue in Central Florida is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that puts dogs first, and your donation will directly help save lives. Foster or adopt a dog from our dog rescue program in Orlando or Central Florida. We provide Special Needs Dog Care, & save senior dogs with our Saving Seniors Program. Donate now to save a dog Poodle mixes, for example, are great hybrids. Poodles are awesome pups and will love to come home with you. However, plenty of Poodle mixed breeds share traits from other dog breeds that might be better suited for your home. So, let's talk about a few of them.. Seresto ® Circle of Love Grant - Carolina Poodle Rescue Update. 223. The number of dogs currently under the care of Carolina Poodle Rescue. 87 of whom are in permanent sanctuary... Read More. August 1, 2019 SHIH TZU MIX. Males and females shih tzu / poodle mix puppies DOB 07/19/14 playful, crate trained, good with kids $450. Pets and Animals Sacramento 450 $. View pictures

The Havanese Poodle mix has one purebred Havanese dog parent and one purebred Poodle dog parent. This means the best way to learn more about Havapoodles is to learn about each parent dog breed! The Havanese Dog Breed. The Havanese is a truly unique and ancient purebred dog breed. This dog breed takes its breed name from its country of origin. 7. Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle Mix (Bernedoodle) Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle = Bernedoodle. The Bernedoodle is a mix between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle mix and is considered one of the softest and fluffiest of the Doodle breed. This is a very large size Doodle and can get easily up to 90 pounds Pepe Poodle (Standard) Adult Male. Poodle · Reno, NV. Pepe is an approximately 7 year old Poodle and weighs about 25 pounds. He came to Res-Que after his mom was in a very ba more. Tools. Over 4 weeks ago on Americanlisted. 1. of 1 page Male. $899. Felisha MINI - Poodle Mix Puppy for Sale in Glenmont, OH. Female. $799. Flip MINI - Poodle Mix Puppy for Sale in Glenmont, OH. Male. $599. Hunter - Poodle Mix Puppy for Sale in Applecreek, OH

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  1. g. Canoodles generally have a lifespan of more than 10 years of age.
  2. Poodles near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Show search filters. Animal Location Filters. Dogs And Puppies Cats And Kittens Horses Rabbits Birds Snakes. For Adoption For Sale. 5 miles 10 miles 25 miles 50 miles 100 miles 200 miles 500 miles. All Female Male Unknown
  3. Poodles and Poodle mixes are the smartest little dogs you will find anywhere. Many of our smart pups have become loving ESD (emotional service dogs), PSD (Psychiatric service dogs), medical alert dogs, handicap service dogs, & certified therapy dogs. All are born and raised in our homes with early socialization and training with emphasis on.
  4. d that all dogs need love and affection, physical exercise, and training to reach their full potential

Arizona Poodle Rescue. Maricopa, AZ. view our pets. arizonapoodlerescue@aol.com. view our pets. Recommended Pets. Finding pets for you Recommended Pets. Finding pets for you Submit Your Happy Tail. Tell us the story of how you met your furry best friend and help other pet lovers discover the joys of pet adoption Poodles & Poodle Mixes. July 8, 2020 ·. Hi pet parents! We created this page to share our love for poodles with nothing but poodle & poodle mix photos! Share your photos of your poodle so we can spread the love . Like Comment Share You like Poodles? Watch this video about 15 Poodle mix breeds and learn more about these dog breeds. They include mixes of Toy Poodles, Miniature Poodles and.. Arizona Poodle Rescue is an all volunteer group. We do not have a shelter. Our dogs are in private foster homes in the Phoenix area. We offer temporary care, spay or neuter, provide medical care when needed and find new suitable homes. Arizona Poodle Rescue is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization Since it was founded in 1999, Poodle Rescue of Houston has dedicated its time to rescuing, rehabilitating, and helping distressed Poodles and Poodle mixes find their forever homes. To make sure all rescued Poodles are healthy and well-cared for, PRH has a veterinary clinic equipped with a surgical suite on its grounds

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The Fox Terrier Poodle mix, popularly known as the Foodle, is a breed produced from a cross between two parents. The breeds involved are either a Wire Fox Terrier or a Smooth Fox Terrier and a Toy Poodle. Because the Foodle is a mixed breed, it can be tricky pinpointing what attributes they will inherit from their parents The mix, Shih Poo, looks and acts similar to a Poodle too. We recommend the Shih Tzu or Shih Poo is you like the look of a Poodle. They're fairly different in temperament. For example, Shih Tzus are vigilant dogs with a mischievous personality. On the other hand, both the Poodle and Shih Tzu are social dogs that absolutely love people. They. Poodle Mix / Soft Coated terrier. (North Phoenix phx north ) pic. hide this posting restore restore this posting. Few local results found. Here are some from nearby areas. Checking 'include nearby areas' will expand your search. favorite this post. May 29

Home » Puppies For Sale » Poodle Mixes As breeders of the adoring Poodles, we know there's so much to love with these bundles of joy. At Calico Puppy Ranch, you'll find that a range of poodle mixes we have available including toy poodles, Cockapoos, Cavapoos and Miniature Bernedoodles The German Shepherd Poodle mix is a highly popular designer hybrid that can make an amazing family pet or be used as a service dog. Obedient, eager to please, and energetic, this mixed breed is best suited for active people and families with children Bichon Frise Stickers, Bichon Poodle Mix Matte Finish Stickers, White Dog Puppy Illustration Face Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers. TheDoodleFluffs. 5 out of 5 stars. (124) $4.19 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites Shih Tzu Poodle mixes are usually 8-11 inches (20-28cm) and weigh between 9-16 pounds (4-7kg), assuming the dog is crossed with a smaller Poodle. The size in Shih-Poo dogs isn't precise, but you can expect the pup to be small-sized. Both of the parents fall under different breed categories and that's the decisive factor on how big the Ship.

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  1. A Poodle Terrier mix is the ideal addition to various lifestyles. Working professionals, retirees, active individuals, or more sedentary ones, rural and city dwellers alike - a Poodle Terrier hybrid can fit in with them all
  2. The Poogle is a striking mix between a Beagle and a Toy or Miniature Poodle and is also known as a Poogle hound or Beagle Doodle. This Beagle Poodle mix is adaptable and well suited for seniors, single people, and families in general. Poogles weigh between 10 and 25 pounds and stand at 9 to 16 inches with a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years
  3. The Border Collie Poodle Mix, also called the Bordoodle or Border Doodle, is one of the trending doodle dog breeds since they are generally multicolored, loving, nonshedding, and hypoallergenic. Along with acquiring all of these exceptional genetic attributes, the Border Collie Poodle combination is a very fluffy-haired dog that's trainable.

The Pitbull Poodle mix is generally a healthy dog but as with all animals, they are at risk of a few health issues. Since the Pit Boodle is a mixed breed, they can inherit the known health conditions of either parent. In general, Pit Boodles have a life expectancy of 9 to 15 years The Peekapoo is a mix between a Pekingese and a Toy Poodle. The Pekingese has been a popular lap dog for over 1000 years! When fully grown, Peekapoos usually weigh less than 15 pounds and stand 9 inches high or less. These dogs can be black, brown, apricot, red, sliver, and white. Perry Harmon via Shutterstock Purebred poodles come in three sizes: standard, miniature and toy.So it's no surprise that poodle mixes come in all shapes and sizes as well. Many of the common hybrids, which are mixes of two purebred dogs, can even be registered with the AKC Canine Partners division. These crossbred designer dogs are popular because they combine the best of both breeds

Poodle mix puppies. 1.7K likes · 10 talking about this. Located in Silver Creek Mississippi. We service Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee and Florida. Our breeds are limited to Teacup and Tiny Toy Poodle.. Being a cross-breed dog, the Shih Tzu Poodle mix can easily inherit one of the health problems of either parent. Though the life expectancy ranges between 15 to 18 years, the breed is susceptible to clinical conditions such as cataracts, patellar luxation, and hip dysplasia, as well as entropion. Nonetheless, a good thing about the Shih-Poo is.

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  1. The Corgipoo is a companion dog that originated from the United States. In the 1980s, people crossed the Poodle with different breeds to get a dog with a hypoallergenic coat. One of those doodles is the Corgipoo, a mix between the Corgi and the Poodle . Breeders tend to use the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Miniature Poodle since it was easier.
  2. What is a Poodle mix dog? Doodles of all shapes and sizes have grown in popularity in the last 20 to 30 years due to their hypoallergenic coats and loveable natures.. Adding another purebred dog breed to the Poodle can negate some of the health issues often associated with purebred dogs
  3. A terrier poodle mix is a dog that has one parent that is a poodle and the other parent is a breed from the terrier group. The most popular of the terrier poodle crossbreds are; the Yorkiepoo, the Westiepoo, the Schoodle and the Whoodle. But you can find all types of terrier poodle mixes. To understand what terrier poodle crossbreeds are like.
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  5. The Shih-Poo is a mixed breed dog — a cross between the Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle dog breeds. Small, hypoallergenic and cuddly companions, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both.
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Oodle ~ Poodle ~ Doodle ~ Fuzzy Critter Rescue / Rehome THIS is The Original Doodle Rescue Collective Website, since Jan. 2009 Poodle Mix, Original Doodle Rescue, Rehome Assistance, Resource Collective Labradoodle and Goldendoodle for Adoption, Rescue, Rehome since 2008. 501c Watch the Video! Welcome to Oregon Bordoodles! We strive to produce a healthy, intelligent and rare combination by carefully pairing the world's top two most intelligent breeds-the Border Collie & the Poodle! To get a glimpse into our program and dogs, please watch our video! To view upcoming litters, puppies, or learn more about Bordoodles. The applicable form (s) should be completed and e-mailed to: Kathy Merlock ( epcpoodlerescue@gmail.com ), our Poodle Rescue Coordinator, or mail the completed form to the following address: Enchanted Poodle Club. Poodle Rescue. PO Box 6895. Albuquerque, NM 87197 When your rescued dog comes from Poodle and Pooch Rescue, you save more than just one life! All dogs from Poodle and Pooch Rescue are fully vetted, groomed, spayed or neutered. Meet our beautiful dogs! Please scroll down to learn about our adoptable dogs; to preview their bios and see additional photos, simply click on the dog's adoption photo

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Located in the Sunshine State of Florida, I have a great selection of Havanese and poodle puppies for sale. Selecting a puppy isn't easy, but at Forever Poodles and Honor Havanese I will help to make it an easy decision with my amazing smart and healthy miniature poodles, along with the Havanese breed Adoptable Dogs in Your Local Shelter. Use the nationwide database of dogs looking for good homes below! Search by zip code to meet available dogs in your area. Please note, these dogs are from rescues and shelters nationwide and are not available through the ASPCA. If you live in New York City and are hoping to adopt from us, check out the dogs.

The Poodle is one of the most popular dogs to mix because of its Hypoallergenic coat.With the Beagle being one of the merriest dogs around, this canine combo was bound to become famous. This popular mixed breed pup is the Beagle Poodle mix, and he is more commonly known as the Poogle Why Poodle Mix Dogs? They are an excellent choice for allergic people and make a good family and apartment pet.. Poodle mix is the most popular black dog nowadays, which are highly intelligent and super cute, adorable dogs.These dogs are are hypoalergic dogs that do not shed and make a good pet for allergic people Mar 31, 2018 - Explore Ashley Tisdale's board Poodle mix breeds, followed by 1634 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cute dogs, poodle mix, puppies

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Poodle hybrid mixes were originally created in an attempt to pass on the 'wool' like non-shedding coat that many Poodles have. This non-shedding coat is a highly desirable trait. Not all Oodle dogs are non-shedding. Genetics are a game of chance. Sometimes the shedding coat of the other breed is more strongly inherited By the way, mixed breed dogs that have one parent as a poodle can vary in size depending on the size of the poodle. For example, there are mini-golden doodles too. The curly hair is all poodle Miniature Whoodle puppies are 1900.00. The mini Whoodle puppy is the result of the mating of the Miniature Poodle to the Wheaten Terrier. The result is a compact and strong dog that is around 18 inches in height and approximately 35-40 pounds. YouTube. The Wheaten Terrier is an Irish breed, better known as the poor farmers working dog

Poodle mix breeds are very much as adorable as pure Poodles. These pets enjoy being groomed and dressed. They can take a pedicure, a trim, a shampoo with special products, and wear the cutest of apparel to suit the temperature. These delicate show dogs are easily held and are the majority of the time very obedient Toy White Dolls Males Nonshed Designer Mix 9wks 248-805-1315. Adorable Maltipoo Pups Ready Now! Maltese/poodle Mix, boys, 1st shots and worming up to date, Nonshed coats, First... Pets and Animals West Bloomfield 795 $ Poodle mixes are some of the most popular crossbreeds. The second parent is typically a recognized purebred. Poodles are available in three sizes of toy, miniature, and standard, so there is a perfect crossbreed match for all pet parents Popular Poodle Mixes If you're interested in dogs mixed with poodles, there's a variety to choose from, ranging from the Cockapoo and the Labradoodle to the Maltipoo and the Golden Doodle. Dogs mixed with Poodles also vary in size, shape, and color, so you'll always be able to find the right mix for you

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Corgi-Poodle mix, Poodle Corgi mix, Corgi Mix dog, Designer Corgi; Corgi doodle; The Corgi Poodle Mix is a friendly and intelligent, curly-haired, small mixed-breed dog with a high energy level. This small hybrid dog can be stubborn and doesn't like rules too much but it is affectionate and protective of its loved ones Many fur families wanted a small dog breed that is good with children. This cross eventually led to this breed's creation—a stunning, fun, and delightful mix of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle breeds. Cavapoo Origin. The Cavapoo puppies are an adorable cross between a Miniature Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel The Labradoodle dog is a hybrid between a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever.This mixed dog can have the looks, temperament, intelligence, health issues from either parent, so they're a bit unpredictable in that regard. The physical traits of the Labradoodle can vary as well, so you can get one with a coat that is curly, wavy or straight, with soft or wiry hair The Saint Bernard Poodle mix is also known as the Saint Berdoodle, shortened to the St.Berdoodle. This dog has genetic elements of both the parent's breed, which means that he/she can be as large as a Saint Bernard or can be the size of a standard Poodle. The St. Bernard parent of the St.Berdoodle mix has a wide and well-known history

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The largest of the smallest Doodle dogs is the Miniature Goldendoodle.These little dogs are the mix of a Golden Retriever and a Mini Poodle. But you can expect all of the same fantastic qualities you love in Standard Goldendoodles in the mini This Poodle mix is also ideal for more inactive pet owners. Pugapoo (Pug + Poodle): Pugs are sturdy and compact little dogs that usually weigh about 14 and 18 lbs and grow 10 to 12 inches tall. When mixed with a Poodle, the resulting Pugapoo is usually a small dog, ranging between 10 to 20 pounds in weight and 8 to 12 inches in height Poodle mix puppies. (Arlington) pic. hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post. May 29 The Eskapoo Poodle Mixes is a crossbreeding of a Poodle and an American Eskimo. This dog looks sturdy, and it has a short-muzzled round head with a broad chest. The coat is a soft curly one, and its undercoat resembles a Poodle. These dogs need brushing daily. They bark loudly and sometime could be noisy, so proper training has to be given The appeal of poodle mixes is that they often get the non-shedding, somewhat hypoallergenic trait of poodles and the temperament of the other breed. Their name is a portmanteau of poodle and the mixed breed. Some people suggest the name depends on which breed is the father and which is the mother (for instance, cockapoo versus spoodle), however.

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Goldendoodle - One of the Fluffiest Poodle mixes. 3. Havapoo- Havanese and Toy Poodle mix. 4. Sheepadoodle is one of the large Poodle mixes. 5. Australian Labradoodle - one of the Aussie Poodle mixes. 6. Labradoodle is a Cousin to the Goldendoodle Maltese and Poodle Mix (phx > Maryvale) hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jun 28 Missing Black Poodle (phx > Grand Missouri) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jun 28 Maltese/ poodle mi ABOUT THESE POODLE MIXES. These are Poodle Mix with Pomeranian and, Chihuahua. If you want a lap dog and a small toy size dog, then this is the dog for you. I've been breeding these 2 parents and they produce the smallest, cutest puppies. These puppies are a lot cheaper than cockapoos. Females are $1500, Males $1500. WEIGHT: 7 TO 10 LBS

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If your poodle mix has a typical poodle coat, you will need to groom it weekly and clip it every 6 to 8 weeks to keep it trim. An overall clipping will give your dog the lamb look that most pet poodles and mixes sport. The dog's coat is curly and fuzzy over the entire body, with a more defined trim on the tail and a closer trim on the paws Whether Standard, Miniature, or Toy, and either black, white, or apricot, the Poodle stands proudly among dogdom's true aristocrats. Beneath the curly, low-allergen coat is an elegant athlete. Irish Setter Poodle Mix Appearance & Grooming How Big Do Irish Doodles Get? An Irish Doodle's size is determined mostly by whether the Poodle in its lineage was a standard, miniature, or toy. On top of that, the gender of the puppy and the genetics of the parents play important factors as well Pictures of Oreo a Poodle (Miniature) for adoption in Chicago, IL who needs a loving home. Pictures of Oreo a Poodle (Miniature) for adoption in Chicago, IL who needs a loving home. Anything LookWeird? For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari.. The Toy Poodle became part of English history during the 18th century as a miniature to its counterpart the Standard Poodle. These charming and naturally hypoallergenic pooches were created by breeding a petite sized Poodle, with the smallest of the small puppies from new litters. Toy Poodles may be small in size, but they are proud animals