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2008 Malibu with 57,000 miles. Recently had a warning pop up on the display Power Steering/ESC Did some research and learned about the issues with the electric power steering and the 4 cylinder models. Some stories were pretty scary so off to the dealer I went who, then, diagnosed it as needing a new column. $397 is parts plus $520 in labor. 1 Answer. My 2004 Chevy Malibu Maxx' power steering light has been coming on and off for over six months now. I haven't had any problems with handling until this am. It was very hard to steer. I let the car sit and my husband took me to work in his truck. Now, 4 hours later, my husband drove around with it and said it is steering just fine

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Power steering that loses power assist is FAR harder to turn than manual steering with no assist.The steering ratio is faster with the PS too,and that increases effort when it loses assist.As for swapping to manual rack(if you were thinking about that),NO 1995-2005 Cavalier came with manual steering.I doubt that any 82-94 came with manual either.(even the cheapo 82 Cadet models)

4. Turn the steering wheel until it stops in each direction. Circuit/System Testing C0545 00 1. Disconnect the X3 harness connector at the power steering module assembly. 2. Connect the EL-47564 Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) Test Harness. 3. Ignition OFF, test for less than 2 ohm between the low reference circuit terminal E and ground Press and hold to turn the power off.. Press to mute/unmute the system when on.. When the power is on and the system is not muted, a quick status pane will display when Ois pressed. Pressing Owill mute the system and trigger this pane to show a long press is required to actually power down the system.. Turn to decrease or increase the volume. 4. 2004 chevy malibu: the power steering..steering wheel..jerks My daughter has a 2004 chevy malibu with a 4 cylinder engine. The power steering comes and goes along with the message in the information center, also when the power steering is working the steering w My 2014 Chevy Malibu is starting to do the same thing where it sputters on start-up rides well for a little. While driving on the highway as well as lower speeds it feels like it wants to shut off. It finally did turn off at a red light, all of the electronics went off, power steering still functioned and the engine light came on

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Tl-the contact owns a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu. The contact stated that while driving at 15 mph, the steering wheel seized as the power steering warning light illuminated. The failure recurred twice. The vehicle was taken to the dealer. The vehicle was diagnosed stated the steering sensor needed to be replaced jul 24, 2011 - fountain valley, ca - steering i have a 2005 chevy malibu, and the steering power goes on and off, one time i was driving it, then the power steering went off in the freeway, i was so scary, i took the first exit right always, it was almost impossible to turn the steering wheel. view details; jul 05, 2011 - portsmouth, nh - steering Step 1: While replacing the power steering pulley, make sure that the main drive pulley is removed and then reinstalled. The reinstalled pulley has to be pressed into the input shaft for improving the working of the inner pump. The connection of the inner shaft and pump allows the engine to transfer the power from a serpentine belt to the power. 2013 chevy malibu continues to power down while driving. radio will shut off then electrical panel and often times it would lose complete power and cause the power steering to shut off. very dangerous. took to dealership 3 times they continue to finagle the negative wiring. but the problem persists. no check engine light; no fix

Description of the Complaint: The contact owns a 2009 chevrolet malibu. The contact stated that while traveling 65 mph, the power steering failed and the warning lights for the traction service and power steering illuminated. The contact merged to the side of the road, where the vehicle was turned off and restarted A better solution is to put pressure on the steering wheel, as if you want to turn the wheels, it will automatically turn the engine on because the power steering doesn't work with engine off. Repl Turn the engine off and wait five minutes to allow the engine compartment to cool off. Open the hood and remove the engine oil fill cap. Remove the cap from the power steering fluid reservoir at the rear part of the engine compartment on the passenger's side. Reinsert the power steering fluid dipstick

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  1. utes Got back in started Sparky and radio, clock, date and all.
  2. Power steering system consists of two parts. One is the pump and the other is the power steering unit. You say turning left is light as it is supposed to be but turning right is a work out. Obviously pump is working as left turn is ok so you need to look at the power steering unit, i.e. possibly replace it. Should not be too expensive job.
  3. • Turn the ignition switch ON/RUN and then back to LOCK/OFF. See Remote Vehicle Start on page 3-7. Door Locks Manual Door Locks Lock and unlock the door from the outside using the key or the RKE transmitter, if available. From the inside, slide the manual lever on the door up or down. See Door Locks on page 3-9. Power Door Locks On vehicles.

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Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the on position, which activates your accessories but not the engine. Leave the key in position for about 10 - 15 minutes. Step 3: Check the anti-theft light again. If it's no longer blinking, turn the key back to the Off position and allow it to set for a minute or two Step 2. Place a drip pan underneath the power steering pump to catch drippings. Use a fuel line wrench to loosen the metallic nut that holds the high-pressure fluid line to the pump body. Pull the metallic line away from the pump body. Use a slot screwdriver to loosen the hose clamp on the low-pressure (rubber) fluid line that leads into the. With wheels off the ground, engine off, fill the pump. Turn wheels back and forth a few times, refill pump. Start engine, check fluid level, turn wheels again a few times, check fluid. Lower wheels, check for assist, check fluid. The torsion bar affects how hard you turn the wheel to open the power steering valve. Once the assist starts, it.

Turn the steering wheel to the right and left, from lock to lock, as much as you can. Shut off the engine. Close the bleed valve. Add power steering fluid to the reservoir until it's full. Check the fluid that came out into the drain pan. If you notice air bubbles, repeat the procedure. You must repeat the procedure until the fluid in the pan. Sometimes a slipping belt can cause a decrease in power, or a bad drive belt tensioner can also cause a belt to slip. Also, cracked, brittle, torn belt and contaminated belt due to oil or power steering fluid can decrease power. Moreover, sometimes you will lose power altogether if the drive belt snaps in half. 5. Burning Smel

There are several instances in which it is safer to turn off the airbag. Eliminate the Power. You want to get rid of any of the voltage that is in the airbag system. It is best to disconnect the battery and let it sit unconnected for several minutes. This will drain any of the voltage out of the system The power-steering system consists of several items: a rack and pinion connected to the front wheels; a piston inside the rack and pinion, which is moved by pressurized fluid from the power-steering pump that helps to turn the wheels; and a cylinder containing fluid mounted on the pump or remotely mounted for easier access • Power steering fluid level in the reservoir rises when the engine is turned off. • Periodic bubbles in the power steering fluid. • Discolored fluid (milky, opaque, or light tan color). • Whining or groaning noise originating from the power steering pump Eliminating Air in the Power Steering System Follow the steps below to eliminate. Hydro-boost power assist was introduced in 1973 by Bendix as an alternative to the vacuum booster. The hydro-boost uses the hydraulic pressure from the power steering system to provide the driver assist in applying the brakes. There are three reasons why a vehicle may be equipped with hydro-boost instead of a vacuum booster:Click Here to [

How To Identify Your Steering Gearbox. This is a guide to help you identify your Saginaw steering box and variations of each steering gearbox. There are 5 different Saginaw steering boxes that Lee Power Steering sells and services. Saginaw 800/808 Gearbox: 1960s-2000s GM Cars and small trucks. Saginaw 708 Gearbox: 1960s-1986 GM Trucks/SUV's 2. With engine running, turn steering wheel until lightly against steering stop. After 5 seconds return wheels to the straight ahead position and turn engine off. Apply and release brake pedal. There should be at least one power assisted brake application. Start engine and allow accumulator to recharge before moving vehicle. 3. Test drive vehicle Bring the car to a gradual stop, slowing the car gradually. Slamming the brakes may throw the car into a skid that would be difficult to steer out of with power steering and almost impossible to steer out of without it. If your car's power steering goes out because of the engine stalling, your brakes will feel stiffer if you have power brakes, forcing you to hit the pedal harder and depress it. Turned the wheel as I was taking a turn and the power steering completely stopped. This forced me to apply the brake because I almost wemt off the road!! I see this isn't the only incident involving the ESC and power steering!! vehicle currently has service ESC and power steering messages displayed in the info messages. - Pottsville, PA, US I also noticed that the power steering shuts off for couple of second while driving. After driving for awhile, when I turned off the ignition, I can't even take the key out because the power of the car is off. I have to wait about 3-4 min to turn the power on. I took it to the Chevy dealer and couldn't figure it out what's wrong with it

Bleed the Power Steering System. Fill the power steering reservoir with the power steering fluid to the indicated level. Let it sit undisturbed for two minutes. Start the engine, and let it idle for about 3 seconds, then turn it off. Check the power steering fluid leve,l and add more fluid if necessary GM's Reduced Power Mode can inhibit your vehicle's ability to accelerate. Even if power isn't reduced immediately, performance may be limited the next time you go to drive the car. In some instances, the PCM may actually cut off fuel delivery to the engine, rendering the vehicle undrivable Our systems can be set to fail on, meaning that it knows the time and year in the ECM unit so why not FAIL ON when it goes bad, why off. Give us a light the says security fail. The programmer had the option to turn it off or turn it on. all it would do on your 1995+ is let you drive it till you decide to get a new ride or fix the security system

An available navigation system † provides you with turn-by-turn directions, multiple map view and frequently used destinations to easily get you where you're going. The system will display routing progress and estimated time of arrival. You can also turn the voice guidance on or off A power steering system that is in trouble often informs you of the problem by screaming for help, literally. Whenever the pump gets over-loaded, it emits a high-pitched squeal that sounds. The power steering warning light is an indication that there is a fault with the power steering system, which will then most likely be disabled until you get it fixed. Not many people take the time to go through their car manufacturer's guide or manual and familiarise themselves with what the various lights on their dashboard mean Power steering in dic radio lit up no power steering at all. Power steering is electrical and goes off intermittently while driving recalls on this 2006-2007 G6 recall 14772 input my VIN # says my. Clarence J. on December 16, 2016. Stabilitrak and traction control needs Servicing with the message of reduced engine power have to turn off and restart engine to get it to full power but message reappears after a few minutes & engine light is on

The steering wheel would twitch then it became very hard to turn while in motion. The power steering and esc off lights came on . Discuss it at Forum View Details. Complaint Number: 11192117 Incident Date: March 20, 2019 Date Added to File: March 28, 2019 Description of the Complaint: My steering is locking up and vibrating steering wheel. If the ignition moves out of the RUN position, the engine will shut off, braking and steering power assist may be impacted, and airbags may not deploy. To reduce the risk of unintentional rotation of the ignition key, do not change the way the ignition key and Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter, if equipped, are connected to th Std Column 67-68 Disassembly & Repair Papers (Rev 03SE2012) February 4, 2011, 8:50 am. #1. Remove steering wheel, replace turn signal switch, replace upper bearing. #2. Drop and remove steering column from vehicle, replace lower bearing, steering shaft length check, steering column alignment checks -110V Power Outlet Enable Button (If Equipped). See Power Outlets 0 100. 3. Air Vents 0 208 4. Turn Signal Lever. See Turn and Lane-Change Signals 0 138. Windshield Wiper/Washer 0 97. Rear Window Wiper/Washer 0 98. 5. Head-Up Display (HUD) 0 122 (If Equipped). 6. Favorite Switches (Out of View). See Steering Wheel Controls 0 144. Volume. 123 Posts. #2 · Dec 20, 2011. I had the same issue with my 64 after refilling the pump. Let it sit a day and with engine off turn the steering wheel left stop to right stop several times, let sit for an hour and do the same. Try starting it up and see if it stays normal. Mine had air in the system and took several days to work it out

Dealers are to 1) replace the steering gear on 2010-2012 model year vehicles; or 2) reprogram the power steering control module on 2013-2014 model year vehicles. The repairs will be made at no charge to the customer. If the failure is not due to the sticking steering, the warranty does not apply. C Turn your steering wheel fully to the left and right and listen for any whining. You might also find the wheel hard to turn at slow speeds or feel odd pulsations (like mini-bursts of resistance) from your power steering rack. It is advisable to clean your power steering fluid reservoir, lines and steering rack 5!11109697!2014!chevrolet!silverado 1500!steering!the electric power steering abruptly went out as per illumination on the dash. the radio, a/c, and inside lights went off too. this is exactly what the recall 17v-414 states. after calling gm, i found out this recall was performed on 11/2017 by the prior owner( i purchased truck in april 2018) Dont turn the steering wheel too hard while steering to the left and right stops.This will only areate the air presently in the system.The air will purge itself from the system while steering in both directions.With the vehicle elevated off the ground.If this dont make it quite the system may have contaminated the new pump and scored the. Turn the pump over to gain access to the hose that runs from the pump to the gearbox. Remove this hose and connect a high pressure hose from the power steering pump to the Hydrobooster unit. Figure 12. Removing the power steering pump and hard line. Step 9 - Install the power steering pump. Bolt the power steering pump back into place

POWER STEERING. Added. POWER BRAKES. New 4 wheel disc brakes with 12 front Brake Kit, Rear 11 New brake lines. New Hydro Boost Power Brake System: (Instead of a vacuum boost power brakes run off power steering pump) FRONT SPINDLES. New. ALTERNATOR. New. WATER PUMP. New cast iron. SHOCKS AND SPRINGS. New. Front springs have 2drop for rake. samzcruze said: Hello, new to this forum. My son has a '14 Cruze LS (auto, 1.8L) that he's had since new. Tonight he gets home from work, turns the ignition key off, but the engine won't shut off. We tried shutting it off several times but it still wouldn't shut off. It drives fine and everything else, but the key wouldn't shut off the engine Problem 3: After pressing the volume button to turn off the radio (which evidently only pauses it per #2 above), a message says something like To turn the system off and go to Low Power Mode press and hold . I do so, and rather than just turning off the radio the whole freaking center screen goes blank June 4, 2018. Your car's power steering system makes it a lot easier for you turn the steering wheel, especially during difficult or low-speed maneuvers, such as parking. While some newer cars come with electric power steering systems, the vast majority of vehicles on the road today have hydraulic ones. These use power steering fluid, which. The contact owns a 2006 Chevrolet HHR. The contact stated that while driving 20-60 mph, the power steering became extremely rough and the steering sensor illuminated. The steering wheel vibrated and became difficult to turn. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was notified

4. Inspect power steering hoses for leaks. Photo may not be specific to your vehicle. 5. Place a drain pan under the pressure hose connection at the steering rack or gearbox. 6. Using a flare nut wrench, loosen and remove the pressure hose fittings from the steering rack / gearbox and the power steering pump. 7 The power steering return line (I'm pretty sure) to the rack and pinion completely blew off when I started the truck. I started it like normal then pretty soon a groan from under the hood and red fluid everywhere. I almost stuff my pants since the first thing I think of when I see red fluid is atf www.chevrolet.com 2016 Tahoe/Suburban the parking lamps turn off to cancel a remote start. • The heated/cooled seatsF will turn on during a remote start (if selected in the adjustable pedals power, and power tilt/telescopic steering columnF to the desired positions First off, every time I hit a damn pot hole, the damn thing shuts off on me and then I can't even steer myself off to the side of the road to re-start my car! [and who the hell's idea was it to make the power steering column all electrical anyways?! MORON!] Secondly, I am PRETTY sure my power steering is shot again 2016 Chevrolet How To Turn Off Lane Keep Assist ; 2016 Chevrolet How To Turn Off Rear Cross Traffic Alert With available power lift gate on the 2016 Tahoe and Suburban you will never be left struggling to open the liftgate with an arm full of groceries. The 2016 Tahoe and Suburban have heated steering wheels and heated seats for comfort.

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4. Pull the lever up to lock the steering wheel in place. Do not adjust the steering wheel while driving. Steering Wheel Controls. Some audio steering wheel controls can be adjusted at the steering wheel.: Press to interact with the available Bluetooth or OnStar systems.: Press to silence the vehicle speakers only. Press again to turn the sound on 14 Responses to Chevrolet Malibu Loss of Power Problem Continues To Leave Drivers Stranded #1 Marc Lacey says: . July 10th, 2019 at 9:41 am. I was driving on I-287 in NJ when all of sudden my 2017 Chevy Malibu said Engine Reducing Power, I pulled the car to the side of the road as it slowed & slowed, when I got safely of the road, I turned the car off an try'd to put it through s. Can't get cap/lid off power steering reservoir. Report. Follow. Asked by Holly_7 Dec 26, 2013 at 07:11 PM about the Chrysler PT Cruiser. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. When I turn power steering reservoir cap,it only turns quarter turn. I press down and turn. but it won't release 1,021 Posts. #12 · Feb 23, 2014. melon396 said: Hey guys, I have power steering in my 69, and absolutely hate it. Years ago my other 69 had manual steering (power steering just removed and capped off), was an automatic and had pizza cutter front tires so it was easier to handle. This 69 has normal tires and a 4 speed Turn on the car, cylce ODO/TRIP to ODO, then turn the car off. Power on, then press and hold ODO for at least 10 seconds. Still holding ODO, buckle then unbuckle the seat belt. To turn off the.

The ignition switch is installed behind the ignition lock and get's turned while you turn the key to start the car. Inside of this switch, small metal plates can build up corrosion and rust. If this happens, one of these plates may lose connection, and the whole ignition will get switched off It might but I wouldn't recommend it. Modern cars were built to have power steering. Back in the day, cars had huge steering wheels that made steering easier but now they all have smaller diameters, and if you've ever lost power steering while a m.. Driving at a speed of 35 MPH and the steering just when off and was hard to steer. CHECK POWER STEERING SERVICE ESC and the ESC off indicator came on (the warning came at the same time, so that was worthless) and had to re-set by turning the car off. It happens again on 2/23/2015. When it did happen it was nearly impossible to steer

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Thanks for all the advise on the power steering pump pulley removal. It's like Rod Knox typed, I need to get the pulley off to gain access to the mounting bolts. I am going to remove the heads, because I only have 35 & 40 lbs of compression on the center two cylinders on the left side. To do so, I have to get to those mounting bolts Most cracked piston scenarios play out at power levels well beyond stock (roughly 650 to 700rwhp for street-driven, '06-'10 trucks), but we've also seen it occur on bone-stock Chevy and GMC HDs. Low-quality castings from its suppliers and a reduced amount of meat present in the wrist pin area (thanks to the use of wrist pin bushings) are. while driving vehicle at various speeds the electronics and power steering will turn off causing and turn back on. this also occurs while making turns without warning. october 12, 2016: electrical system odi number: 10915456 tl* the contact owns a 2013 chevrolet malibu. while driving approximately 50 mph, the vehicle's power seized Std Column 67-68 Disassembly & Repair Papers (Rev 03SE2012) February 4, 2011, 8:50 am. #1. Remove steering wheel, replace turn signal switch, replace upper bearing. #2. Drop and remove steering column from vehicle, replace lower bearing, steering shaft length check, steering column alignment checks The spark plugs are part of the engine, which can cause problems with the engine's power. They create the spark that causes explosions inside the combustion chamber. Without them, your car won't even run. If you are losing power, bad spark plugs could be a problem in some rare scenarios

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Once on the ground, a right turn immediately snapped off the power steering pump shaft (2nd pump in 3 days). I thought replacement pump might have been a poor rebuild. A peeved H1 owner during a non-rainy 45 degree MI day several weeks later, changed the power steering pump again, steering box, hydro boost Discuss the cabin of your Silverado or Sierra truck. Topics in this area contain discussion of door panels and headliners or the dash and carpet, trim, and seats. Talk about your center console, seats, door handles, upholstery, steering wheels or any other item in the cab of your pickup. 5840, 48206 Yesterday, 2:50am Exterio

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The contact owns a 2007 Chevrolet Impala. The contact stated that the power steering was faulty. The contact stated that the steering wheel seized and could not be turned Adding Power Steering Liquid . If you've checked the level of your power steering fluid and found it to be low, it's time to add a little. You should also take a look around the reservoir and pump to be sure you don't have a power steering fluid leak. If there are no signs of a leak, remove the cap and use a clean rag to wipe the inside and. Turn steering from lock to lock but do NOT hold it against the stops. Continue draining until all old fluid is cleared from system. About a quart of fluid is needed to flush the system. Unplug the port on the reservoir and reconnect reservoir hose. Turn engine off and fill reservoir to the C mark on the level indicator Fail date miles occurences Purchase date; STEERING: 01/26/2013: 160000 : Tl* the contact owns a 2005 chevrolet malibu maxx. the contact stated that while driving 65 mph, the power steering assist failed. the contact continued to drive the vehicle without power steering assist. the following day the power steering operated as designed. the steering failure recurred numerous times intermittently. A Corvette can have, depending on model year, about 30,000 parts—counting all the screws, clamps, clips, wires, and hoses. If any one of these parts fail, driving your car could become unsafe. This article will discuss some of the Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins issued for 2005-2013 (C6) Corvettes. In 1966, Congress passed The.

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The fuse blows because the fuse is located on the Battery box. It is placed right between the negative and positive, so the Amp, in turn, will blow. This controls the power steering, as it is electrical and does not use power steering fluid. So I found that I needed an 80 AMP Megafuse, it was impossible to find in my town Follow these steps to add power steering fluid to a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS 5.3L V8 FlexFuel Extended Cab Pickup (4 Door). Difficulty steering is a common symptom for low power steering fluid level in a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS 5.3L V8 FlexFuel Extended Cab Pickup (4 Door Step 1: First things first. Check the power steering fluid level. Check the fluid hot or cold, depending on what the manual says. Turn the steering wheel a few times and take a reading. Foamy fluid is an indication of air getting into the system. Step 2: Add power steering fluid if the level is low Power Steering Fluid Reservoir: Since you already have the coolant bottle and belts removed, now is a great time to check the level in the power steering fluid reservoir. My car has a very slow leak that requires topping off the fluid every 6 months to prevent the PS from whining. SC Tensioner & Idler Pulley

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2004 Chevrolet Cavalier Fuse Diagram 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier Fuse Diagram 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier Fuse Diagram for Instrument panel fuse box. TURN-B/U Turn Signals, Back-Up Lamps ERLS Engine relays BCM/CLU Body Control Module, Instrument Panel Cluster PCM Powertram Control Module IGN MD Ignnition module F/P-INJ Fuel pump Fuel Injectors AIR BG. Keep your power steering healthy so that you can make low speed maneuvers like parallel parking easy. turn the steering wheel all the way to full lock, and then turn it the other way to opposite lock. Do this several times. Turn off the engine, and open the hood. Locate the power steering reservoir. It is usually on or near the engine, and.

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The four common reasons that typically cause this light to turn on include a malfunctioning ABS module, low levels in the fluid reservoir, broken wheel speed sensors, or the system is turned off. Malfunctioning ABS Module. Your ABS actually shares some important components with another system in your vehicle: your traction control system Once I turn the car off, the key will not turn back to the off position and stays in the acc position. somehow I can still remove airconditioner blows cold on one side and hot on the other air conditioner blows cold on one side and hot on the other on my 2001 corvette, the passenger window dosent work and the windshield wipers come on by

Interior Switches & Controls for Chevrolet Malibu for sale1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS for sale in Livonia, MIWicked Wagon: 1960 Chevrolet Kingswood::Suspension & Steering for Sale / Page #35 of / Find or

NEWS: GM is recalling certain 2006-2007 Chevrolet Malibu and Malibu Maxx and 2006-2007 Pontiac G6 vehicles: STEERING Report Receipt Date: FEB 04, 2015 NHTSA Campaign Number: 15V064000 Component(s): STEERING Potential Number of Units Affected: 69,633 FEBRUARY 2015-- General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling certain model year 2006-2007 Chevrolet Malibu and Malibu Maxx vehicles manufactured April 1. The GMC Sierra Heavy Duty and Sierra 1500 are designed and built to feature excellent power and advanced technology to help give confidence and ease with towing. One of these features is the available transparent trailer view. One of the class-leading available up to 15 camera views†. (2) on the Sierra Heavy Duty and Sierra 1500, transparent. Today , my toyota Rav4 2007 would not start. Battery seems dead so I pull de booster cables out and a good gentleman had boost my car and start up the engine. I was going to drive 200KM to go home it was about 17h00. After start up the engine I felt the steering becomes really hard to turn on and off like that and then it was fine Impala. 89,210 miles. 2004 Chevrolet Impala power steering locks making driver unable to turn car during rain or driving through puddles. Started out happening only a second or two, but got progressively worse. Several times, engine cut off, or I had to cut it off to be able to restore power steering Your remote wire tells your deck to turn on and off. The blue wire with the green stripe is the remote wire. The yellow wire is your power source. Unless you are a licensed professional, it's highly recommended that you visit your local Chevrolet dealership for this repair. Do not attempt this repair if your truck is equipped with OnStar