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The two rubber components most likely to cause a water leak are the Ujoint Bellowsand the Shift Cable Bellows. Replacing the Shift Cable Bellow requires removal of the drive and replacement of the shift cable. Contrary to common belief, the Exhaust Bellowswill not allow water to leak into the boat Re: Mercruiser/Alpha one - Water Leak Problem I may be having the same water leak problem on my 1994 Alpha outdrive (4.3 V6 engine). When boat is put in water, engine off, 1/2 gallon or more a minute pours into the boat center of gimble This is a leak that was found in a boat with the One Point Drain System. It is ironic that the system that allows you to drain the block to keep it from fr..

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Bilge leak from outdrive.... Jump to Latest Follow i have the same problem. i just recently bought a '96 powerquest 290 and the first day in the water i discovered a leak from the port side drive area after a few hours in the water. my marina checked it out and said it was the steering shaft seal. i need to get through the summer and enjoy. I'm new to power boat ownership having just bought my brother's 2007 2575 RL I/O. It has a Mercruiser 5.0L Alpha. The engine only has 100 hours on it, but for the last three years was hardly used (my brother passed last year) . My sister-in-law says it hasn't been started since last spring.. I've seen and read a few post releated to water leak's, but I'm not. sure that they are the same as mine, so I decided to start a new. thread. Here is my problem. 1) 2000 Mercruiser 5.0L v-8. 2) Alpha 1 Gen2 outdrive. 3) Engine is properly winterized following all the recomendations in. the shop manuals Hello, I have a mercruiser 1987 Alpha one, Generation One outdrive that leaks outdrive fluid and water into the bilge. In the summer of 2010 I noticed that the outdrive oil reservoir level would drop read mor leaking water inside the boat? the most common issue is the tiller pin......to fix that properly you have to pull everything apart. drive off, motor out, remove gimbal housing and rebuild it. not rocket science but a bunch of work. if you see rust on the pin.....thats the smoking gun water is coming in from there

Jeremy R. 5,362 satisfied customers. I have a 1972 mercruiser 165 inline 6 cylinder, the outdrive. I have a 1972 mercruiser 165 inline 6 cylinder, the outdrive pumps water up to the motor but water is leaking from the back of the engine, it looks like it is coming from where the outdrive and engine read more Mercruiser Outdrive Leaking Water for sale. Mercury Mercruiser Bravo 1 outdrive Latham Marine external hydraulic steering bracket Teague marine cap Rex marine drive shower Performance nose cone with low water pickup 1.36 ratio Perfect mechanical condition. This was kept as a spare drive and we are losing storage for.

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Recently I noticed a lot of water leaking into my boat (5.7L Mercruiser with Alpha one out drive). The water also contained a lot of what appeared to be gear oil. It was leaking enough that you could hear it running into the boat from what appeared to be the upper part of the gimbal ring. When I took the boat out of the water and checked the gear oil in the out drive it was very milky and.

Mercruiser water pump removal and repair with Illustrations and procedural steps to repair a lower gearcase outdrive. Mercruiser water pump removal and repair with Illustrations and procedural. Looking at the condition of the shift bellows, I recommend replacing with the following MerCruiser parts: NOTE: cracked or missing exhaust bellows won't leak water into the boat, but a sliced or broken shift or u-joint bellows will. 30-803099T1 - Alpha 1 Gen II transom ,bellows kit (includes u-joint, shift and exhaust bellows, water hose. Mercruiser Gear Lube. Water in my outdrive. White streaks are an indication that you have water in your gear lube. This is a VERY serious condition which will eventually lead to serious damage. Water can get into the drive from a bad seal or a bad oring. Seals go bad after a few years and need to be replaced

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There are other areas that can leak, but they usually have gear oil leaking out. Carrier seal under the impeller. Yoke seal. Surprisingly I've personally never run across a missing o-ring for the oil passage way where the upper and lower cases meet together. I would think oil would leak out, especially when running, but maybe water would get in. I have a Mercruiser with a 350 and Apha II outdrive. I just removed my out drive and replaced the water pump and all the hoses including the bellows. When I put the boat back in the water there is a leak coming in the boat where the outdrive connects to the transom. Water is pooling into the rectangular box above the drive shaft and dripping down on to the shaft and into the boat

I'm having problems with water leaking in from the outdrive housing attached to the motor while the motor is not - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic. Impeller on Mercruiser 3.7 litre stern drive alpha 1 gen 1 is not providing water to heat exchanger Jeremy R. 5,362 satisfied customers. I have a 1972 mercruiser 165 inline 6 cylinder, the outdrive. I have a 1972 mercruiser 165 inline 6 cylinder, the outdrive pumps water up to the motor but water is leaking from the back of the engine, it looks like it is coming from where the outdrive and engine read more

I Looked for oil in the water from the outdrive and nothing was evident and every time I checked the level went down slightly and oil dripped in the bilge. 4. it appears that the Lube Monitor tank is leaking at the rubber hose/plastic nut connection. 5. I Took a 30 mile trip and upon the destination all the oil dumped out of the drive lube. The freshwater will leak out into the raw-water side and escape. To check for this type of leakage, remove end covers from heat exchanger and drain raw-water. Most antifreeze solutions have a color to them and are easy to see if they leak out into the raw-water part of the heat exchanger

I have a 1981 Renken with a 470 Mercruiser 3.0 with a Alpha 1 Outdrive. Motor and drive are rebuilt and when I bought the boat the port side outdrive hydraulic line was leaking. I replace the line and read mor On my Mercruiser 5.0 MPI, down low on the port side near the front, is a round baseball-sized piece that I gather might be called the Lower Water Distribution Housing. It has a blue drain plug in it. As my mechanic was looking for the source of my seawater leak (disconnected hoses from the block.

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It is verry possible that the shift shaft seal (#36) is leaking. It is a very common leak on the alpha drive. A pressure check and some soapy water in a spray bottle is a good test to pin point the leak. First drain all oil from drive. Pressureize drive to 10 psi. Spray all seals with soapy water and look for bubbles Water leaking from outdrive 7.5 Bravo III. Looks like around the mounting plate but what about boots and bellows. Water comes in at a steady rate. The Mercruiser flat rate time to replace the ujoint bellows is 3.0 hours of labor, if the both ujoints need to be replaced as well as the gimbal bearing, the additional flat rate time is 2.0. I have a 1989 Stingray with a 3.0 liter Mercruiser engine with an Alpha one outdrive. I have been getting about a half a cup of water in the foot after about every 4 hours of operation Water can also leak into the drive if the Ujoint Bellows are leaking. The front main seal of the drive is not really designed to hold water out as much as it is to hold oil in. If you develope a water leak into the bellows it can let water into the drive itself. When water gets in the drive it tends to condensate on the top bearing Mercury MerCruiser. Walked out to the garage today to discover an oil puddle under my outdrive... 1) The leak appears to be coming from the water intake holes in the lower portion of the outdrive. 2) I checked the Gear Lube Oil Reservoir for the outdrive and that was at the Full line. 3) I checked the Engine Oil and that was at the Full.

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26. So I went out to check on the boat today and noticed that the outdrive (bravo 1) has a small puddle of oil under it. The boat has been stored for around 2 months and I didn't notice any puddles when I picked it up or used it last. It appears to be dripping of the bottom fin, but not sure where it's originating from Leaky outdrive - mystery! 09-12-2020, 05:18 PM. I have a question that I hope you all can help me with. I apparently have a very slow outdrive oil leak. When we leave the marina for a week or two when we. One back the oil is at the bottom of the full container. We fill it up and head out, run it for the afternoon, come back and haven't used. I just started my motor. I installed a closed system that is considered a 1/2 closed system adn I donnected the water hose to the outdrive turned the water on and started the motor. Water is coming out the exhaust around the prop but more water is coming or leaking at hte gimble area The leak was the result of a cracked shift cable boot. The variable rate of the leak flow was because the crack was relatively small and could almost be made non-existent depending on the trim of the outdrive. After being in the hot Arizona sun for 8 years, all three bellows had some signs of dry rot, as did both hoses Up until 1992 Mercruiser had almost always configured their marine cooling systems, both raw water and fresh water cooling systems, such that they included warm manifolds. However in 1992 when Mercruiser introduced the 502 mag EFI motor the intake plenum was so large that it interfered with the standard thermostat housing and therefore.

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  1. All the seals except for the input shaft seal are just pull out/drive in seals. If it is the upper leaking you just need an upper unit seal kit. Check the oil to see if its low. Drain some and look for signs of water (white runners in the oil or milkshake). That hole is there to drain the water from around the drive after you pull out
  2. Because of that, if there is any kind of leak with a sterndrive, the best thing to do is to have the entire sterndrive resealed. Oil seals in general are a wear and tear item, it depends on the hours and the usage but on average oil seal tend to last 10 to 12 years before they start leaking
  3. This is my Conversion of my OMC Cobra Sterndrive to the SEI 116 Sterndrive Engineering outdrive using their Conversion kit.OMC Cobra to Mercruiser Conversion..
  4. I have water in my fuel My fuel smells like varnish My fuel is old My engine has been sitting for several months without being run. I have a Mercruiser 470, 485, 488, 190, 3.7L Engine I have coolant dripping from the front of my engine Can I install a regular Alternator instead of the Stator-Rotor? Converting an OMC to a Mercruiser
  5. A complete inspection will require the removal of the outdrive. Place the shifter into forward gear and remove the outdrive. After the rams and the six mounting nuts are removed, the drive should come off. If the bellows have been leaking, the drive might be stuck. If the drive is stuck, tilt the drive up by hand and let the drive drop back.
  6. The water probably got past the seal behind the gimbal bearing. That's a good thing though, it showed you that you had a problem. If it didn't get in the boat, you wouldn't know it was leaking. For a trailer boat it's good, if it stays in the water all the time, then it would be bad as it could eventually kill the battery running the bilge pump

Also, the sift shaft bushing seal was leaking water into the cable housing where it screws into the bell, that would of trashed it soon anyway. As for the gimble bearing growl, turns out I am a complete moron, I forgot to install the main rubber gasket on the outdrive, so the u-joint cavity was full of water Mercruiser Transom Assembly Replacement. A leaking transom assembly is a common problem found on boats over 10 years old fitted with sterndrives, living permanently in saltwater. Many popular makes such as Sea Ray, Riviera, Sunrunner and Mustang will all likely need a transom assembly replaced or repaired at some point An easy engine mount inspection allows you to check and refill MerCruiser outdrive oil without taking your boat out of the water. Find Mercury and SEI Outdrives at Competitive Prices. At NuWave Marine, we offer a wide selection of the best Mercury and MerCruiser-compatible SEI outdrives, along with all the MerCruiser parts and accessories you. 1963-1973 MerCruiser Repair Manual Engines & Drives. 1974-1977 MerCruiser Repair Manual Engines & Drives. 1978-1984 MerCruiser Repair Manual 4-Cylinder L6 & V8. 1978-1982 MerCruiser Repair Manual Sterndrives MCM 120 thru 260 . 1978-1993 MerCruiser Repair Manual TR & TRS Sterndrive Units. 1983-1990 MerCruiser Repair Manual R/MR Alpha One/SS Sterndrive. 1983-1993 MerCruiser Repair Manual 6 Cylinde

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Buy a little hand pump that fits the bottle of lube to fill the drive. Place a clean oil drain pan under the drive to catch the old lube as it drains out of the bottom of the drive. Use a large screwdriver and remove the lower drain plug. Remove the top oil vent plug. Let the unit completely drain The first thing to do before performing service on your Mercruiser unit is to properly identify the engine and drive. Every Mercruiser engine and sterndrive comes from the factory with a serial number. Older serial numbers have 7 numbers. Newer serial numbers contain a letter in the second position. Here are some examples of newer serial. Boats with MerCruiser Bravo Three outdrives can avoid galvanic corrosion problems or damage with proper sterndrive installation, maintenance and protection The MerCruiser Bravo 3 sterndrive is one of the most popular and innovative outdrive designs introduced to the marine market by Mercury. Bravo 3 outdrives feature counter-rotating dual propellers that improve propulsion efficiency, speed.

Just re use your back plate. Mercruiser v8 fresh water cooled raw water through manifolds water flow diagram. Mercruiser improved the pump by using a single rear housing section. Parts for mercruiser 50l mpi alpha bravo sea water pump assembly. If it is scored then run a belt sander over it to renew the surface 2. Leaking Exhaust Manifolds, Risers or Gaskets 1. Overheating causes the exiting exhaust water to turn into steam. A bad Water Pump, a plugged exhaust manifold or elbow or even a bad thermostat can cause the engine to run hot and steam. 2. Old exhaust manifolds and exhaust elbows can get plugged with rust or the can develop internal water leaks Have a 1977 20' SeaRay with Mercruiser 228 (actually 260 with this engine) I/O Chevy 350 engine. (repowered 2 years ago) Sea water cooled engine. Back in June, I had the lower seal in the outdrive resealed up because of water in the oil. As soon as I got it back from the shop, the boat began heating up and has since that time OEM Quicksilver/Mercury Water Distribution Housing 863444T 1 Please confirm fitment of MerCruiser parts with your serial number. Photos and descriptions provided via Mercury may not always be accurate. All of our Mercury parts are sold and priced EACH Mercruiser 3.0L 4 Cylinder GM Engines both 120/140 Hp models. Remote Mounted Freshwater Cooling Kit for Years 1968-present.This is a 1/2 system which Cools the Engine Block only. If/When replacing an old unit please specify freshwater hose sizes. 1-1/2 to 1-1/4 or 1-1/4 to 1-3/4. MC327

Find your Mercruiser, Mercury and Mercury Racing sterndrive, inboard, diesel or gas engine parts here with our detailed diagrams, parts drawings, images and parts breakdowns. Select your product then select your serial number range to locate your parts diagrams. Order online for discounted pricing Hot testing. We fire up the engine and run it for at least 15 minutes under pressure. See if the oil and coolant are doing their job. See if the engine performs to the same high standards as a new MerCruiser engine. And to make it official, we back it the same way. With the same MerCruiser one-year limited factory warranty. The aftermarket fix


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Furthermore, how do you manually raise a Mercruiser outdrive? Grasp the bottom of the outdrive behind the propeller. Pull the outdrive up and hold it until the person on deck ties the rope onto a cleat, completing the manual raising of the Mercruiser outdrive.. Furthermore, what does tilt trim mean? In the tilt mode, the system raises the engine completely out of the water when not in use The sterndrive unit must be removed to inspect or replace the gimbal bearing. Gimbal bearings usually fail because of water intrusion into the ujoint bellows. Ripped or rotten ujoint bellows will allow water to leak in and rust the bearing. There must be no water in the bellows Can anyone answer a question about Mercruiser Alpha one outdrive water seals Showing 1-12 of 12 messages. Can anyone answer a question about Mercruiser Alpha one outdrive water seals That part is inside the bellows and if there was a water leak you would be getting a lot of water in your boat. The seals are designed to deal with a slight. mercruiser bravo 3 outdrive. leaking into bilge from outdrive steering swivel pin thru transom opening. can it be sealed without removing engine? either from inside or outside? both oil and water entering bilge Place the shifter into forward gear and remove the outdrive. After the rams and the six mounting nuts are removed, the drive should come off. If the bellows have been leaking, the drive might be stuck. If the drive is stuck, tilt the drive up by hand and let the drive drop back down freely

I.e. People sitting. After digging around I saw some water dripping from the steering arm that passes thru the transom to the outdrive. After putting my finger in the passage it was wet and greasy.... Any idea on how I can stop the leak. It is a 1984 Sundancer 270 with a TR drive mated to a 7.4 l mercruiser Hi all, I need some help I have a drive fluid leak on my 2013 Bayliner 175 with 3.0 mercruiser with alpha one drive somewhere. I took it to one mechanic and he told me it was cover nut inside the drive that was completely lose, I paid him to fix it, change oil, water pump, spark plugs etc... 3 weeks later I took the boat out for the 1st time since the fix and the oil is gone again (resevor. Either a hole in it or disconnected at one of the hose clamp. If trailered or kept in a boatel or lift, Raise outdrive up to highest position and look at the largest bellow under there to see for damage. The leak should only occur when in the water regardless of the engine running or not. BillK2632 likes this

If you're noticing alot of water now, it's probably been leaking for a while. Could be the shift or u-joint bellow. With the vibration that your speaking of, it's probably the u-joint bellow. Most likely it's taken out the gimble bearing, thus the vibration. And the one in the picture is a great example of what happens when they leak Once at op temperature shut off engine and water & pull all drains. My. 1999 5.7 Merc has 5 - two on the block, two on the manifolds, and one. on the low point of the fat circ pump hose. Then stick a funnel in a. short section of hose to the earmuffs and ready 3 gallons of marine/RV IMPORTANT: A check for water intrusion should be performed on all new Marine Engines with thru transom and Thru Hull Exhaust Systems. Two methods can be used to check for water in the Marine Exhaust Manifolds.The simplest and least time‑consuming way is the exhaust elbow removal method. With this method, however, it is difficult to accurately determine the amount of water in the manifolds Boat Transom Repair. Sterndrive Engineering (SEI) offers a transom repair kit for MerCruiser's® Alpha One® and Gen II. These repair kits include all of the gaskets, oil seals, and o-rings, as well as the gimble bearing, that are necessary for a transom repair. These repair kits are often a transom saver for an older boat

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Intermittent Power Steering, Alpha 1 Gen1. 1988 260hp mercruiser. I have a 1987 mercruiser on my 22 4 winns. 1985 Mercruiser 470/170HP motor with coolant leak through outdrive. Starter Alternatives. 1984 mercruiser problem. Slow Trailer Tilt. Trim Lines MercCruiser Sterndrive. Water pressure is low to zero at high rpm Step 3. Turn the water source on. Allow the air pockets to work their way through the muffs. Allow the water to flow through the muffs into the outdrive for 10 seconds before starting the motor. Living in Utah, Jared Curtis graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree from Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah This motor has a closed circut cooling system (fresh water) and while trying to adjust shifting lever and cutoff switch i filled the coolant resevoir and noticed the water comming out of the outdrive... boat was winterized and all plugs opened and last seasons water drained..what would cause it to leak out of the outdrive.....is my heat exchanger bad..the reseroir is on top of exhaust manifold. Mercruiser Sterndrive Spring Maintenance - Raw & Freshwater Systems. 3. Flush the raw water cooling system to remove any water. Use a flusher to thoroughly clean out the cooling system. If you run your sterndrive in salt water, add a salt remover to the flush to dissolve any salt deposits within the motor's cooling channels Water leaking into boat and water in gear oil. Replacement for 72 165hp mercruiser outdrive ? Updating 888 Merc; SE 106 Install, lube and maintenance; sterndrive question; O/D trailering options; SE 106; Gear oil; parts replacement; Drive Shower; gimal bearings and impeller replacement; getting these drives to work; ratio on older drive.

Water in the bellows can promote rust on the yoke where the drive shaft seal rides. The yoke can be replaced or it can be turned down (machined on a lathe) and a sleeve installed to renew the surface. Another option is to turn and grind the yoke and specify and install a seal having a smaller inside diameter. I would just replace the yoke The below article and video walk through Mercruiser's manual single point drain system. **CAUTION** Water can enter the bilge when the drain system is open, damaging the engine or causing the boat to sink. Remove the boa t from the water or close the seacock, disconnect and plug the seawater inlet hose, and ensure the bilge pump is operational February 12, 2013. Just a few short years after Volvo-Penta introduced the Aquamatic sterndrive, its competitor Mercury Marine quickly followed suit and introduced stern drives of their own. The next great leap forward in sterndrive technology came in 1982 and was again pioneered by Volvo-Penta, when they introduced the twin-prop Duoprop drive

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Mercruiser Bravo One Outdrive Service Mercruiser Bravo One Outdrive Service One seal is meant to keep the water out, the other is meant to keep the oil in. The Bearing Carrier must be removed to access these seals. The seals can be worn out over time and start to leak or, the prop shaft could be scored or damaged at the sealing surface.. 135 - 430 hp. No matter what type of boating interests you most, Mercury® MerCruiser® can power it better than anyone else. Our extensive range of sterndrive, inboard and tow sport engines is the most comprehensive lineup in the industry, all engineered to provide the best possible boating experience. The answer to your propulsion needs

Mercruiser Service Manual #28. For All Bravo Models Serial Number OM100000 and higher. Here is the link to an online copy of Manual #28 . I recommend buying the hard copy. I got mine on eBay for $30. Mercruiser Service Manual #11. For Bravo One Sterndrive Units B664190 and higher. The service manual contains all the information you need Available to order: Usually ships within 10 days. #11. 22-863467. FITTING, Air Valve, Gray (1 required per assembly) (Component of Air Actuated Housing Only) 22-863467 - Fitting - Air [ More info ] $12.20. Available to order: Usually ships within 10 days. Revise Search: All Models > 350 Mag MPI MIE > 0M317000 - 0M398371 > Water Distribution. Get the best deals on Complete Sterndrive Outdrives MerCruiser when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands MerCruiser 7.4L 454 Raw Sea Water Pump with Pulley 818368-c 818365 and Fuel Pump. $350.00. $20.00 shipping Mercruiser Sterndrive. Contents. Pre-1988 Mariner. Spark Plugs (2-Stroke) Carburetor Kits. Lower Unit Gearcase Seal. Powerhead Gasket Sets. Mercury & Mariner. Carburetor Kits TechMate Pro is our new generation diagnostic scan tool. built for professional marine service applications. With over 30 years of experience in designing and manufactuing marine diagnostic equipment we designed the TechMate Pro from the ground up with marine service technicians in mind. The TechMate Pro supports the widest range of marine.

MerCruiser stern drives are the result of over 40 years of refining and reengineering the world's best outdrives. And over 40 years spent as the unquestioned technology, performance and propulsion leader. MerCruiser stern drive technology is designed to maximize your experience-whether through ease of maintenance or trouble-free operation The lower unit gear case oil on the Mercruiser Alpha One outdrive serves a very important function. Proper oil level and quality insures that the lower end transmission gears and shafts have enough lubrication to spin freely and smoothly, with no friction. Lower unit gear case oil also provides a cooling effect so the.

The belt driven Mercruiser Raw Water Pump now uses Kit # 46-807151A14 for $105.50. Sterndrive Mounting Gasket Sets Since most of you will be completely removing the drive to change the water and service the gimbal Water pump impellers are one of more vulnerable pump assembly parts. MerCruiser impellers should be inspected once a year, or every 100 hours, and replaced as needed. Impellers are a series of rubber vanes that are molded around a hub which rotates. Friction, corrosion, water, sand, disuse and heat can all abraid and degrade the rubber YOFMOO Sterndrive Outdrive Mounting Gasket Kit Set Compatible for Mercury Mercruiser 27-94996Q2 27-94996T2 Outdrive Boat Alpha I R MR One Gen II Drive Rep Sierra 18-2619-1 18-2743. $6.98 mercruiser outdrive leaking water. mercruiser logo. mercruiser lower unit. mercruiser long block replacement. mercruiser low drive lube alarm. mercruiser loose steering. mercruiser lanyard stop switch. mercruiser lower shift cable. mercruiser low oil pressure switch. mercruiser lube reservoir

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Sterndrive Engineering Repl Mercruiser Drive R-MR-Alpha One. List Price: Was: Our Price: Now: $1,515.00. Sterndrive Engineering SE106 Replacement Mercruiser Drive R, MR, Alpha One Complete Replacement Outdrive for Mercruiser R, MR, and Alpha One. 1972 - 1990. Please verify your serial number to be sure.. The water froze and cracked the cover. Water and oil could be seen leaking out of the cover in the morning. A new cover is around $300. I sniped a used one on eBay for $15. There was no other damage. Lucky. I can see that the Previous Owner had replaced the cover at some point. It was the only part of either outdrive with a decal Water Temperature Sender 806490T. Satisfaction rating 5 out of 5 ( 11 Ratings ) $31.99. You save $.76. (2%) $32.75. CROSS SHIP. Leaves in 3-5 days. The product availability was updated more than 7 days ago. Please update to know actual stock status. Last update: 7 days ago Gasket Set, Outdrive Mercruiser 27-64818Q4 For: MC-I drives s/n 6225576 & below 1967-82 9-62603 Gasket Set, Outdrive Mercruiser 27-35996A1 For: older 1A,1B,1C & EZ shift drives 1964-66 9-62600 Gasket Set, Outdrive Mercruiser 27-94996Q2 For: R/MR/Alpha I & Gen II w/o oil resevoir s/n 6225577 & above, 1983 & newer SERVICE, QUALITY, VALUE, PERFORMANC Sterndrive Engineering (SEI) is the largest supplier of aftermarket sterndrives and our own line of outboards in the world. The company makes replacement sterndrives for MerCruiser's® Alpha One® and Gen II stern drives and replacement outboard lower units for Mercury®, Johnson/Evinrude® and Yamaha®. Sterndrive Engineering's Outdrives are not remanufactured, they are entirely new

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RPS Mercruiser Sea Water Pump Impeller raw Belt Driven Alpha Bravo 4.3 5.0 5.7 8.1 L Replaces 46-862914A13, 8M0118062 18-3160-1 3.8 out of 5 stars 6 $225.00 $ 225 . 0 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Mercury Mercruiser, Sterndrive Units Alpha Generation ll Service Manual #14 CD at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Marineengineparts.com is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lighthouse Marine Distributors, Inc 2020. Not responsible for typographical errors. Some merchandise may be limited in supply or available only by special order Mercruiser TRS Outdrive LEFT Hand Standard Rotation Mercury Racing Drive. Condition is Used. This is standard rotation left handed 420 drive (strongest one !!) Good overall condition Pressure tested well, no leaking seals. Gear lube is clea Outdrive Alignment Tool for Mercury / Mercruiser, OMC Cobra, and Volvo SX. This version comes with a hanging ring for the tool. This tool replaces the following part numbers: MerCruiser - P/N 91-805475A1 & 91-57797A3. Volvo SX - P/N 3851083. OMC Cobra - P/N 18-4442. Will work on Pre-Alpha, Alpha One, Gen 2, R, MR, All Bravo, Volvo SX, OMC Cobra Drives. Will NOT work for Mercruiser TR and TRS. Mercury MerCruiser engines and drive systems are designed, tested, and built exclusively for the marine environment. That translates to best-in-class reliability, dependability, and long-lasting performance. Patented metallurgy technology. State-of-the-art electronics. Robust manufacturing. Grueling lab, endurance, and open-water testing