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Skoolie Floor Plan Design Inspirations 13 window / 40ft (full size) for a family with bunk beds 11 window / 35ft (full size) Skoolie floorplan bench seat 7 window / 25 ft (mid-size) with open floor pla Medium-Size Buses (25-35ft) Mid-size skoolies are a happy medium between a short and full-size bus. They offer plenty of interior room and generally come with most (if not all) of the same features of a full-sized bus including style, wheel size, and engine Yep. Most buses are approximately 7.5' wide on the inside, and you can figure about 2.5' in length for each window. I have a 10 window bus. 10 x 2.5' = 25 feet. And that's exactly what I have for living space inside. 25' x 7.5'. That's 187.5 square feet

We offer school bus conversion floor plans for 22 ft. - 40 ft., conventional or flat front, rear-engine and front engine school buses. Take a look at our 20+ floor plans and choose a Skoolie Homes design that is best suited for your path to freedom Saw something similar on skoolie.net. A 40 foot flat nose bus with the engine either in front or in back will carry around 84 kids. 84:6=14 rows. My bus has the engine up front, next to the driver, and this driver/engine/stairwell area takes up about 5 feet. So I have 35 feet usable space. 14 rows = 35 feet Over 8,500 people as of March 26th, 2021 have taken the Skoolie Size Quiz to figure out the best skoolie size to build. We designed this quiz as we know first hand how important it is to know what the best school bus-size to buy for building a skoolie. You want to fit everything you desire into the build, while still being comfortable for your. A full size school bus is any bus over 35 feet in length, with most between 40 - 42 feet in length. With a full size skoolie you can get very creative. Some choose to pack in a bunch of different features and skoolie storage options, while others make a more open concept skoolie. Skoolie Livin Bus Size Quiz

Skoolie bathroom dimensions are based on the layout of your skoolie and if you do a separate shower and toilet area or a combined bathroom area. Based on a center aisle skoolie layout, the dimensions of a separate toilet area can be 24″ wide and 32″ deep The 4 Steps to Creating a Skoolie Build Plan. Step 1: Create an idea list. Step 2: Take the Skoolie Size Quiz. Step 3: Design a skoolie layout. Step 4: Figure out a parking location. Below is some information and resources, along with the Skoolie Size Quiz for Step 2, to help you create your skoolie build plan Decide on What Tool You are Going to Use to Design Your Skoolie Floor Plan I have not personally tried any design programs. My personal favorite is graph paper and pencil. I make each square represent 12 inches This is probably the biggest consideration when choosing your skoolie size. Gandhi said it best: Big space users in a skoolie are things like: Big kitchens. Showers & composting toilets. Full-size bed (queen, king, bunk beds, etc). Couches, dinettes, and additional seating options

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What is a Skoolie? A Complete Guide. Skoolies, in one sense, are the original tiny home. Tiny homes continue to grow in popularity across the country as people across the age spectrum are looking for more sustainable and affordable housing alternatives. In fact, one recent report found that the global tiny homes market is expected to grow at a. Every buslifer or vandweller you ask will no doubt have an impassioned opinion on whether or not bathrooms are necessary in a vehicle conversion. For my boyfriend Aaron and me, it was a hard yes, but we have several friends who swear a bathroom isn't necessary and are perfectly content without one. There are so School Bus Conversion Bathrooms - Toilet, Shower and Plumbing Guide Read Sleeps 6-7, 40ft, Rear Engine, 237sqft. Measurements are a close approximation and will vary. Unexpected spacing adjustments may be required

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Hey everybody! Welcome back to the Bus Life Adventure YouTube Channel. We are super excited to be returning to offer you guys Skoolie Tour content. Make sure.. Designing your perfect skoolie kitchen takes a bit of creativity, engineering, and interior design skills. For most you'll want to include a full-size kitchen with the additional space you'll have in a school bus conversion. Here are 13 skoolie kitchen ideas for your DIY build: 1. Deliberate Life Bus 2. Bus Plus Us 3. This 13 Skoolie Kitchen Ideas for Bus Life Read More Skoolie King Size Bed. The humans insulate the rear bench, install a fresh water tank, and complete a pop-up, king-size bed frame. Welcome to the Killer Skoolie Blog. The humans long ago stripped away the original insulation that covered the rear bench. In order to replace it, the human female chose ¼ inch sound-deadener and heat-barrier mat

High end custom school bus conversions. Roof raises. Custom parts. Fabrication parts for DIY skoolie builds You will need two of these 2×3's cut the same size. One will go along the wall of the bus and one where you want the front of the cabinets to be (minus about 2 inches so that your toes will have a place to go while standing at the countertop). Screw these into the floor. Now, cut 2×3's to connect between the boards you just screwed into.

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My first school bus conversion (skoolie) was an escape. I was living under the dual thumbs of my student loans and mortgage, and working two jobs to pay for a life I didn't have time to enjoy size / dimensions: 37 foot long 2000 Blue Bird The Cummin's 8.3 is another engine that's often found in full-sized school buses. These engines are great—reliable and able to support the more considerable weight of a full-sized skoolie build-out. It's rare to find them in smaller buses, but they're an excellent engine

Eating table height is usually 30 (top of table to surface of floor) Chair height varies from 15 to 18 with 18 being normal height. Again that is from the surface for the floor to the top of the seat/cushion. Personally, we prefer a slightly inclined seat back. This link should give you the dimensions you need 3. Open Galley Design. Skoolie floor plans are long and narrow by nature. Buses are designed to take up only one lane on the roads and they don't come with any slide-outs that could increase their width. To capitalize on this design, many skoolie owners have opted for an open galley design A skoolie, or converted school bus, has been an icon of American road life for many years, since the age of flower power and old school hippies. But living in a school bus has taken the leap into the 21st century. A bus is large enough to match the size of many small apartments. The interior layout can even be split into separate rooms. Because there's not a one-size-fits-all system, we had to figure out how all the pieces fit together. This article is the one I wish we had read when we started our research. We hope our journey and months of research helps you understand how to begin designing your own DIY skoolie solar system to BE off-grid longer

Designing your perfect skoolie kitchen takes a bit of creativity, engineering, and interior design skills. For most you'll want to include a full-size kitchen with the additional space you'll have in a school bus conversion. Here are 13 skoolie kitchen ideas for your DIY build: 1. Deliberate Life Bus 2. Bus Plus Us 3. This 13 Skoolie Kitchen Ideas for Bus Life Read More Starting Your Skoolie Conversion. The bus we purchased is a 2001 International with a DT466e engine and an Allison 2000 automatic transmission. It had a little over 128k miles on it, was already painted grey and had the rear side handicap door we were looking for. We started our skoolie conversion where most people do, taking out the seats Converting a skoolie can be a daunting process, but after building a bus of my own and talking to hundreds of other bus and van dwellers on the road, I've compiled a list of the most common mistakes that people make, and why and how to avoid them. 1. Not Doing Research/Buying the First Bus 10 Most Common Skoolie Conversion Mistakes Read A forum specifically for those who need to manage their space a little more carefully than the big buses. Threads: 1,464, Posts: 34,274. 1964 Dodge Shorty 'Linda'. by Stanimal. 06-23-2021 05:41 PM. Coach Conversion Projects (7 Viewing) Have you finished or in the process of a conversion How to Install Bulkhead Fittings on a Skoolie Water Tank. This was a new area for me. There are a few tutorials on YouTube, but they all assume there's an easy opening in the tank (like a blue rain barrel for instance). My tanks were solid all the way around, so I had to cut a very large opening (which I would repair later) in order to get the.

Skoolie life is a great option for people who want the ability to explore the world on wheels. Of course, the option to move your home around is convenient for many reasons as well. It may seem like a quirky choice, but if you're looking for a DIY tiny home option within an existing structure, a school bus is a great way to go Jul 30, 2013 - Samples of floor plans for your school bus conversion RV skoolie - If you love Skoolies be sure to check out my my other Skoolie boards!. See more ideas about school bus conversion, bus conversion, school bus


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Pro: Mobile. One major pro of a skoolie is the ability to move around freely and be self-sufficient. Seeing as the original purpose of skoolies was to move people around, they are well suited for travel. In the case of full-size buses, they are quite long but still drivable for most people who are interested Welcome to the Skoolie community. We are an inclusive community primarily surrounding Skoolie life (traveling, living, adventuring with a converted school bus). However, all buslifers are welcome (and we even love on the Vanlifers). We are a supportive community with a first rule of Be Nice. We welcome all questions and discussion on this.

This time around for his upcoming skoolie bus conversion project, Bailey did his research. His current rig was a diamond in the rough at a school bus auction. It only had 140,000 miles and 147,000 hours on the Allison engine. Before giving the winning bid, he inspected the maintenance records which he says were the best out of all 14 buses at. The owners of this 38-foot-long skoolie drew their inspiration from modern Scandinavian design, which they brought to life with light wood, clean lines, black hardware, along with black-and-white textiles. The 1980s-era school bus includes all the comforts of home, such as a bathroom with a full shower, washing machine, and a private principal. Old Skoolie Phil spent $2,000 to outfit his bus, including $650 for a composting toilet. Photo courtesy of Phil Risher. A skoolie is a school bus converted into a tiny home. People gravitate toward school buses over motor homes because they're often less expensive, fully customizable and more durable than RVs School buses range in size from 20 to 45 feet long. Buses are approximately 7.5 feet wide. People want to know how much living space they'll have in their skoolie. The amount of square footage depends on the bus size you purchase. According to Zac from Rolling Vistas, a 23-foot long bus has about 120 square feet of living space. A 31-foot bus.

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The only thing it's missing is the wire lugs for the battery cable ends, because my brother donated those. You can find them here, however. We spent a total of $2,712.95 for this exact system. The internal wiring and light fixtures to complete the electrical system was another $300, for a grand total of $3K on our entire electrical/solar system The School Bus Conversion Guide | Building a Tiny Home On Wheels. Doing a school bus conversion is one of the most fulfilling yet challenging things that Erin and I have ever done together. This guide is designed to take you through the order we completed all the projects. If you're in the research stage to see if converting a school bus into. SKOOLIE BUS / SUNNY FOR SALE —Located in Bend, Oregon. 2008 White Exterior. Custom Build-Out with roof raise 12 inches making it feel like a palace! 21 feet long, 7 foot floor t ceiling. 200,000+ miles. All electrical to code by Certified Electrician. Insulated with Wool (nonhuman-flammable, highest r-value) 450 Watt Solar Panels + Energy System

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Skoolie builds will typically take 2 times as long as you expect and will cost at least 3 times what you expect. There will be times when you want to quit. You will ask yourself why you ever started the project. But, as with most things, there is a dichotomy. There will also be times that you feel as though you are the most clever DIY builder. Skoolie Stays was born out of a love of American school bus conversions. We spent an incredible year travelling 14,000 miles across 20 different states in our first school bus and when we returned to Sussex we knew we had to bring one back to show the folks back home!We can't wait to show you the finished SKOOLIE STAYS bus

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  1. Inevitably, when you first sit down in the driver's seat of a full-size school bus, you will be intimidated by the vehicle's size. The steering wheel is nearly twice the diameter of those on cars, and the seat is more than a foot away from the driver's side of the bus, making it harder to visualize the overall width
  2. 24 Skoolie Conversion Projects. No comment. 15.8K. Have you ever thought about dropping everything quitting your 9 to 5 job and going on a life changing journey. Surely yes, even though most of us like the idea in general only a handful are brave enough to venture on a life changing journey
  3. Skoolie Front Doors: Once the drip edge was up, the humans got to work modifying the front school bus doors. They wanted to keep the look of the school bus doors, but needed to modify them for better insulation and security. They began by removing each door. After that, the rubber weather-stripping was removed

You can take a tour of our Skoolie here! Our redone schoolbus is a Thomas High Top complete with a full kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms! The converted school bus took 6 months to complete. We currently live full time on the skoolie and travel the country. For details of The Mayes Team skoolie shoot us an email Skoolie Too Old For New Stuff. I was able to get some information directly from Thomas Bus company about our Skoolie escape hatch. What they said was: The hatch you had in your vehicle was an Allied roof hatch. They are long out of business. Their measurements were 21 ¾″ X 23 ¾″ Jeff has been converting buses since 2009. In 2015, Custom Bus Conversions was born and soon became Skoolie Homes. He works with clients worldwide in consulting and building their buses. Down-to-earth and straight to the point describe Jeff's personality and teaching style

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How to Paint a Skoolie. Power drill - I prefer the Milwaukee drills because they are the most powerfully built. Mixing Drill Bit - Painting can be a stressful time sensitive process. The ability to mix hardener and paint together with 100% confidence and in a fraction of the time is importantly useful when painting a large project like a. Midwest Transit offers the skoolie community hundreds of used buses each and every year. We currently have 1,000+ used buses; of every make, model, and size of bus that you can transform into your own project National Parks pin and patch freelance artist converts a short school bus into a boho chic skoolie. You may remember Heidi Miller from the Life In The Bus Lane documentary and her short appearance of when she was in the beginning stages of her short bus conversion. Now with the bus conversion nearly complete Heidi has already shown her bus at.

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  1. Skoolie - $90,000 (Boise) This is a 2007 Thomas Saf-T-Liner recently finished school bus conversion Skoolie.The conversion/build took a year and consisted of:Exterior: 12 roof raiseAll windows raised 6 from their original height to accommodate for full sized kitchen cabinets.Wheel chair and emergency access doors were removed and framed in
  2. The average size of a skoolie offers between 120 to 270 square feet of living space. Considering there are 327 square feet apartments in New [] Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email * Website
  3. Out of these two breakers all the power from shore flows, it is the MAIN breaker for my setup, these sub-panels are very cheap, and so are the breakers for them, usually around $15-$25 for the panel and $3-$8 for the breakers. The hot wires connect to the input of the panel and then travel to my Manual transfer switch, additionally, I have.
  4. Skoolie Build Cost & Expense List . One of the biggest questions we had before beginning this conversion was How much is this going to cost?!. We could not find any resources online about the cost, so we decided to make our own for those who are thinking about taking the plunge
  5. Join the 4th Annual Skoolie Swarm™ for a chance to come and relax as a community. This is not a show. Importantly, you do not have to have a bus to attend. In 2020 about 100 skoolies, vans, box trucks, tents, and car campers attend. Not to mention the day-trippers

To build out a mid-range skoolie, you're looking at a cost between $17,000-$28,000 (bus included). A mid-range school bus with 150,000-200,000 miles in good condition should cost around $5,000. Watch for buses with 7-10 windows (again, these are considered van-type buses Adelita. Christine Saldana and Kathy Mariscal live in a 298-square-foot bus they purchased in June. With the help of contractors, the couple renovated the bus into a mid-century modern tiny home on wheels. While many people live in buses, vans, and RVs for the freedom to travel, the couple told Insider their main motivation was saving money From shipping containers to tiny homes, there are a lot of ways to downsize and start living small.But one medium you don't hear about often is the school bus conversion, otherwise known as a skoolie. Skoolies offer a large, blank slate for an intrepid DIY adventurer looking to hit the road on a limited budget. They can also be expensive to fuel, hard to park in cities, and sometimes seem. Auto & RV, Skoolie. You can expect an average school bus weight to be about 24,387 pounds (11,062 kg). When looking at the specs for different school busses, the weight will be typically listed as GVWR. This stands for gross vehicle weight rating or the maximum weight of the vehicle including the vehicle's chassis, body, engine, engine fluids.

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The skoolie sub-culture is an enthusiastic one that has staked out a passionate scrap of the auto world at the intersection of tiny homes, classic cars, and campers The roof deck began like most other parts of the build, hours and hours of internet searches for skoolie roof decks, sun decks, or google searches for how to build a skoolie deck without welding. We wanted to build a minimalist style roof deck without having to weld a frame to the bus and we couldnt' find anything that we liked so with. First, cut the plywood down to the width of the bus with a circular saw. Next, measure and cut around the wheel wells and anything else that is on the floor. Once the plywood is cut and set in, screw it down with 3/4 inch screws into the floor joists. For more informations, check out our Youtube Video about adding a subfloor to our skoolie, the.

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  1. There is a lot of confusion regarding titles and licensing of Skoolie, Shuttle, and Box Van Conversions. The laws vary from state to state, and in some cases, it can seem impossible to even acquire the correct information. You've purchased a vehicle that was designed for commercial or public use, but now it is going to be an RV
  2. Skoolie Short Bus Camper. 2001 Ford E-350 Short Bus with a 7.3 Diesel Power Stroke engine clocking in at 181,000 miles and runs great! Custom roof deck, professionally welded and mounted with redwood boards. Escape hatch has a DOUBLE FEATURE: slide the metal hatch, custom-made deck door lifts open. Queen size unistrut platform bed with plenty.
  3. Skoolie King Size Bed . April 7, 2020. In today's post: The humans insulate the rear bench, install a fresh water tank, and complete a pop-up, king-size bed frame. Welcome to the Killer Skoolie Blog. The humans long ago stripped away the original insulation that covered the rear bench. In order to replace it, the human female chose ¼ inch.
  4. Build walls/frames. Run plumbing (to includeTHE DRAIN!!!) 2. Build frame for the tub. Build frame for the tub 3. 2x4 studs and concrete backer board. 2x4 studs and concrete backer board 4. Some tile. Tile 5.Run plumbing (to include the drain!!!) We never claimed to be experts in this so we were and still are learning
  5. Sep 7, 2018 - School Bus Conversion Definitive Size Guide : What Length Skoolie is Right for You? By Rolling Vistas. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

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  1. How to Properly Size Seats in a Skoolie. If they're too high, it'll be uncomfortable because your legs will be dangling over the edge without touching the floor. If they're too deep, the edge will dig into your calves. This isn't anything new, and there's a ton of information and guidelines out there, so let's compile it all for our purposes.
  2. Every skoolie offers its own design challenges and flaws that you'll have to overcome. With our medium bus Charlotte, we had the issue of wonky wheel well placements and size restrictions which limited where we could put our skoolie dinette. While we had to give up extra counter space, our skoolie dinette now functions as a place to eat, lounge, nap, or have a dinner party
  3. In any event, if your rig has a GVWR less that 26,001lbs and wasn't deigned to haul 16 passengers, You do not need a CDL. - If you are converting a smaller Box Van or 14 Passenger Shuttle Bus, you are golden! You would only need a CDL to operate this vehicle if you were using it for Commercial Purposes*, typically in another state
  4. Installing Floor Insulation in a Skoolie. This was the easiest step. I simply measured and cut the insulation to cover the entire floor. It's worth mentioning that since the bus walls are curved, this changes the dimensions of the usable floor area now that we're 1 higher than the actual sheet metal floor of the body
  5. School buses that have been converted into mobile living spaces — known as skoolies — are a natural extension of the tiny house craze. Buses are not only easier and safer to drive than an RV, they provide a jump-start on the conversion process with frame, roof, and floor already in place. Experienced builder Will Sutherland, whose creative school bus conversions have been featured.
  6. Once you build one skoolie, you sometimes want more! We decided to post the bus up for sale in order to fund the next bus project! There are plenty of questions about the bus so we figured it was easier to make a page with as much information we can to better help inform you and filter questions you may have
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  1. The refrigerator is an almost full-size standalone unit that can use either electric from our solar system or propane, and across the way is an L-shaped bank of kitchen cabinets. There's a cupboard for the garbage and cleaning supplies, three large drawers that hold all the dishes, an open-style cabinet that holds pots and pans under the.
  2. Location: Currently Arizona. Type of home: 22-Foot Mini Skoolie. Size: 100 square feet. Years lived in: 1.5 years, owned. Watch. A 100-Square-Foot Mini School Bus | Tiny Tours. According to Cat and her boyfriend Aaron, this 22-foot-long bus was all yellow on the outside, had all the seats inside, and even still had its wheelchair lift when they.
  3. DIY Skoolie Guide: A Step-By-Step Bus Conversion Textbook [Miller, Missy, Miller, Jeff] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. DIY Skoolie Guide: A Step-By-Step Bus Conversion Textbook Dimensions. 8.5 x 0.53 x 11 inches. ISBN-10. 1734397608. ISBN-13. 978-1734397604. See all details. Next page. Enter your mobile number or email.
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CE Skoolie allows Community Education to offer convenient, affordable activities for kids to do on weeknights, non-school days, summer, and even weekends. Greater access to programming. Greater participation and a more diverse population served. More convenient options with the availability of neighborhood classes For Sale - , portland , Oregon 97035, United States - $42,00 The skoolie was converted 4 years ago for a family of four and is now ready for its next owner and next destination. This bus conversion is outfitted for a fully off-grid lifestyle powered by 8 solar panels, and comes with the ability to enjoy the shore power of any standard campground hook-up Skoolie! How To Convert A School Bus Or Van Into A Tiny Home Or Recreational Vehicle by Will Sutherland will guide you through the whole process—from choosing and buying a bus to gutting out the interior and rebuilding it as your dream tiny home. This large, 207-page book is beautifully illustrated and very comprehensive

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School Bus Skoolie - $8,500 (Live Oak) School Bus Skoolie. -. $8,500. (Live Oak) This is a 1997 Thomas Vista diesel skoolie with only 81,000 miles! This bus has been in Florida it's whole life and was used once a week for a church in Jacksonville. It is way too easy to drive even in the city 135 likes. birdieventure. Our little kitchen is another favorite spot in the bus. We went back and forth about the butcher block but are so glad we decided to go for it! @loweshomeimprovement sells these slabs of butcher block that are SUPER heavy but fit perfect in the space we set aside for the kitchen What Size Water Tank For A Skoolie? You have picked out your very own school bus in hopes of converting it into the ultimate camper or tiny living pad. Constructing your plumbing and water system is important to the functionality and comfort of your skoolie. As a general rule, a skoolie needs a 20-100-gallon freshwater tank We aren't sure to what extent we will convert the bus at this point but that will come later. The important things are: - food prep space (stove and sink) - toilet. - bed. We have a layout in mind as an end goal, but things like solar, for example, don't have to happen right away. The layout is also flexible, in case things change. Sold $18,000 Apply for financing. Listing Sold. Converted Bus. Shape. Mobile. if_measurement-size-level-height_1817300. 200 sq. ft. if_furniture_bed_bedroom_double_sleeping_1249135. 1 bedroom