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The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT ®) code 14060 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range - Adjacent Tissue Transfer or Rearrangement Procedures on the Integumentary System. Subscribe to Codify and get the code details in a flash. Request a Demo 14 Day Free Trial Buy No Write the first paragraph of your page here. 1 Long Description 2 Reimbursement 3 Global 4 Publications 5 Valid ICD Codes 6 Other associated procedures 7 Discussion Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, eyelids, nose, ears and/orlips; defect 10 sq cm or less RVU: Facility Non-facility Medical Payment: Facility Non-facility Write globe period here (days) List other procedures not directly. The adjacent tissue transfer will be coded as 14060, adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement. eyelids, nose, ears and/or lips, defect size 10 sq. cm or less. A 3.5 cm malignant lesion is removed from the face with.5 cm margins from the cheek. This results in a 4.5 cm excised diameter defect

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CODE DESCRIPTION MAXFEE 14000-2 Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, trunk; defect 10 sq cm or less $773.91 14001-2 defect 10.1 sq cm to 30.0 sq cm $1,136.94 14020-2 Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, scalp, arms, legs; defect 10 sq cm or less $764.11 14021-2 defect 10.1sq cm to 30.0 s 1. Reduction Mammoplasty (CPT 19318) This procedure will be denied when performed for a cosmetic reason. 2. Mastectomy for gynecomastia (19300): If the tissue removed is primarily fatty tissue, the surgery is classified as cosmetic and will be denied as non-covered. 3. Rhinoplasty (CPT codes 30400-30450 The CPT instructions were modified in 2002 to read as follows: Select (14060), eyelid reconstruction procedures (67961, 67966) and Hughes and/or Cutler-Beard procedures (67971, 67973, 67974). Cornea. Pterygium surgery is so undervalued and now the use of When a CPT description includes the phrase one or more sessions o

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  1. 14060 CPT 2011: Adjacent Tissue Transfer or Rearrangement Procedures on the Integumentary System, CPT® CPT Description: Chapter: 10021 - 69990: To see American Medical Association copyrighted content, try or buy SpeedECoder! CPT Guidelines - Adjacent Tissue Transfer or Rearrangement Procedures on the Integumentary System.
  2. 5. CPT 68810, 68811 or 68815 are primarily pediatric procedures, and are only rarely required in adults, whereas CPT 68840 is more commonly performed in the adult population. The submitted CPT code must reflect the true extent of a reasonable and necessary procedure. Thus, if it is only medically necessary t
  3. description, significant time is spent dissecting each word used. Unfortunately, most people attempting to code procedures are not privy to this process - thus, the applicable 14060 - 14061 CPT codes copyrighted 2009 American Medical Association.
  4. CPT Code Description Cosmetic & Reconstructive 14040 Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, forehead, cheeks, chin, mouth, neck, axillae, genitalia, hands and/or feet; defect 10 sq cm or less 14060 Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, eyelids, nose, ears and/or lips; defect 10 sq cm or les
  5. Number: 0251. Policy Dermabrasion (see also CPB 0031 - Cosmetic Surgery). Aetna considers dermabrasion using the conventional method of controlled surgical scraping (dermaplaning) or carbon dioxide (CO 2) laser for removal of superficial basal cell carcinomas and pre-cancerous actinic keratoses medically necessary when both of the following criteria are met

CPT code 17315 may be used to report each block after the first 5 blocks for any single stage (17315 is used as an add-on code to 17311, 17312, 17313 or 17314). Please note that this code refers to the number of blocks, not number of slides. In order to allow separate payment for a biopsy and pathology on the same day as MMS, the -59 modifie Lower lid blepharoplasty (CPT 15820 and 15821) is considered as medically necessary when documentation: supports horizontal lower eyelid laxity of medial and lateral canthus resulting in dacryostenosis or infection; or supports significant lower eyelid edema

AVAILABLE CPT CODES For Ophthalmology CPT Code Description 12018 Simple repair of superficial wounds of face, ears, eyelids, nose, lips and/or mucous membranes; over 30.0 cm 12020 Treatment of superficial wound dehiscence; simple closure 12051 Layer closure of wounds of face, ears, eyelids, nose, lips and/or mucous membranes; 2.5 cm or les 14060: Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, eyelids, nose, ears and/or lips; defect 10 sq cm or less: 15100: Split graft, trunk, arms, legs; first 100 sq cm or less, or 1 percent of body area of infants and children: 1512 CPT ® Code Set. 15260 - CPT® Code in category: Full Thickness Graft, Free. CPT Code information is available to subscribers and includes the CPT code number, short description, long description, guidelines and more. CPT code information is copyright by the AMA. Access to this feature is available in the following products: Find-A-Code Essentials CPT is provided as is without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. AMA warrants that due to the nature of CPT, it does not manipulate or process dates, therefore there is no Year 2000 issue with CPT CPT CODE AND Description. 17311 - Mohs micrographic technique, including removal of all gross tumor, surgical excision of tissue specimens, mapping, color coding of specimens, microscopic examination of specimens by the surgeon, and histopathologic preparation including routine stain(s) (eg, hematoxylin and eosin, toluidine blue), head, neck, hands, feet, genitalia, or any location with.

For example, per CPT Assistant (Jan. 2018): Code 20680 [ Removal of implant; deep (eg, buried wire, pin, screw, metal band, nail, rod or plate) ] describes a unit of service that is typically reported only once, provided the original injury is located at only one anatomic site, regardless of the number of screws, plates, or rods inserted, or. CPT 2009 CODE DESCRIPTION MAXFEE 31622-2 Bronchoscopy, rigid or flexible, with or without fluoroscopic guidance; diagnostic, with or without cell washing $764.11 31625-2 with bronchial or endobronchial biopsy(s), single or multiple sites $822.98 36475-2 Endovenous ablation therapy of incompetent vein, extremity, inclusive o 14060 Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, eyelids, nose, ears and/or lips; defect 10 sq cm or less Surgery Integumentary - Repair 5 14061 Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, eyelids, nose, Code Description CPT/HCPCS Category CPT/HCPCS Sub-Category Digit Match CPT Code(s): 29 ICD-9-CM Code: PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Excision of submuscular lipoma, forehead with excised diameter of 1.2 cm and layered repair. DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE:. An incision was made as drawn and then dissection was carried down to the frontalis muscle, which was separate

CPT Code Code Descriptor 43253 Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, flexible, transoral; with transendoscopic ultrasound-guided transmural injection of diagnostic or therapeutic substance(s) (eg, anesthetic, neurolytic agent) or fiducial marker(s) (includes endoscopic ultrasound examination of the esophagus, stomach, and either the duodenum or a. Table: CPT Codes / ICD-10 Codes / HCPCS Codes; Code Code Description; Information in the [brackets] below has been added for clarification purposes. Codes requiring a 7th character are represented by +: Cervicogenic, cluster and other chronic headaches: CPT codes not covered for indications listed in the CPB Use CPT consumer-friendly descriptors to comply with the requirement of the final rule for a plain language description of services. Immunization codes & descriptors CPT codes streamline the reporting of immunizations for the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) CPT® Definition Shaving is the sharp removal by transverse incision or horizontal slicing to remove epidermal and dermal lesions without a full-thickness dermal excision. This includes local anesthesia, chemical or electrocauterization of the wound. The wound does not require suture closure. Shave 1 CPT CODE CPT DESCRIPTION 2014 RVU (FACILITY) 2014 NATIONAL AVERAGE MEDICARE PAYMENT (FACILITY) 2014 RVU (NON-FACILITY) 2014 NATIONAL AVERAGE MEDICARE PAYMENT (NON-FACILITY) 21345 Closed treatment of nasomaxillary complex fracture (LeFort II type), with interdental wire fixation or fixation of denture or splint 17.88 $641 22.15 $79

• CPT 15002-15005 are . NOT . to be used for the removal of nonviable tissue/debris in chronic wounds left to heal by secondary intention. CPT 11042-11047 and CPT 97597-97598 are to be used for this. • CPT 15002-15005 are selected based on the anatomic area and size of the prepared/debrided defect. Fo CPT® Codes and Descriptions Code Range: 11600 - 11646 Excision - Malignant Lesions 11600 Excision, malignant lesi on including margins, trunk, arms, or legs; excised diameter 0.5 cm or less 11601 excised diameter 0.6 to 1.0 cm 11602 excised diameter 1.1 to 2.0 c

Code Description 67900 Repair of brow ptosis (supraciliary, mid-forehead or coronal approach) EYELID PTOSIS REPAIR The following CPT code(s) require prior authorization: Code Description 67901 Repair of blepharoptosis; frontalis muscle technique with suture or other material (e.g., banked fascia Furthermore, 0232T is a Level III code according to the Current Procedural Terminology, or CPT. The T at the end of the code denotes temporary, meaning that 0232T won't stick around forever. Instead, it's part of a group of temporary codes used primarily for emerging or experimental procedures and technologies

CPT® code 15260 is the appropriate code to assign for the closure of the flap defect created by the initial tissue advancement to the auricle of the right ear (code 14060 describes a scar excised from the auricle of the right ear). 0 Votes - Sign in to vote or reply. Report Abus Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) only copyright 000 = Zero (0) days 010 = Ten (10) days 045 = Forty-five (45) days 090 = Ninety (90) days 999 = Concept does not apply. 0360T 999 14060 90 14061 90 14301 90 14302 999 14350 90 15002 0 15003 999 15004 0 15005 999 15040 0 15050 90 15100 90 15101 999 15110 90 15111 999 15115 90 15116 999 15120 9 CPT Codes Requiring Prior Authorization As of Oct. 1, 2014 Code Description of Code Comments 11960 Insert tissue expander(s) 11970 Replacement tissue expander w permanent prosthesis 11971 Remove tissue expander(s) 11983 Remove rein drug deliv implant device 12001 Repair superficial wound(s) 12002 Repair superficial wound(s) 12004 Repair. Other wound repairs commonly performed with excisions are Adjacent Tissue Transfer The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 14060 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range - Adjacent Tissue Transfer or Rearrangement Procedures on the Integumentary System. Coding Implications Revision Log

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  1. The following code edits apply to surgical services from the 10000 series of CPT billed with other services. If the code in the left column is billed with any of the codes in the right column, one of the codes will deny. The reason for the denial may vary because: The codes may be mutually exclusive. Mutually exclusive procedures are two or.
  2. cpt code 14060 reimbursement. Posted on 3rd November 2020 by . Proper coding is: For a diagnosis, you are not coding burns, but rather a late effect of burns..
  3. DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: The patient was placed in the supine position on the table, and was given no sedation. The area of his right forehead (Location is the right forehead.) was draped and prepped with Betadine paint in normal sterile fashion. What CPT® code(s) should be reported? A) 14060, 11643 B) 11643 C) 14060 D) 14040, 14060. D.
  4. New CPT code 15733 (muscle, myocuta-neous or fasciocutaneous flap; head and neck with named vascular pedicle [i.e.,buc-cinators, genioglossus, temporalis, masseter, sternocleidomastoid, levator scapulae]) is most similar inintenttotheretirednow 15732.Ofnote,thiscodenowincludesaspe-cific i.e. intheparenthetical description
  5. 1 Long Description 2 Associated Procedures 3 Reimbursement 4 Global Period 5 Associated Conditions 6 Associated ICD Codes: 7 Publications: 8 Discussion Flap, island pedicle RVU: Non-facility: Facility: Flap; island pedicle requiring identification and dissection of an anatomicallynamed axial vessel. With this change there was a guideline change also: Code 15740 describes a cutaneous flap.
  6. CPT® codes and descriptions only are copyright 2019 American Medical Association. 2 | AMBULATORY SURGERY CENTERS BILLING GUIDE Disclaimer Every effort has been made to ensure this guide's accuracy. If an actual or apparent conflict between this document and an HCA rule arises, HCA rules apply. Billing guides are updated on a regular basis

  1. CPT Codes Requiring Prior Authorization Code Service Description PA requirements by Setting Comments 14301 Skin tissue rearrangement All 14302 Skin tissue rearrange add-on All 14350 Skin tissue rearrangement All 15002 Wnd prep, ch/inf, trk/arm/lg All 15003 Wnd prep, ch/inf addl 100 cm All 15004 Wnd prep ch/inf, f/n/hf/g Al
  2. The first article in this series covered CPT®, HCPCS and ICD-10-CM - important tools applicable to coding and billing across all specialties and types of care. In this second piece, we focus on resources that are specific to anesthesia; two of the premier and most authoritative resources come from the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)
  3. Files related to Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, forehead, cheeks, chin, mouth, neck, axillae, genitalia, hands and/or feet; defect 10 sq cm or less (14040) Find Window. X. Type in text to find: Congenital Codes. Fasciectomy and Scar Release Procedure CPT Codes. Local flap CPT Codes

Procedure / Surgical Code Look up. Code Category Description; 100: Anesthesia: Anesthesia for procedures on integumentary system of head and/or salivary glands, including biopsy; not otherwise specified 14060: 15940: 23078: 25073: 25605: 26496: 27394: 27846: 28250: 29845: 33212: 42870: 54304: 58561: 66630: 14061: 15941: 23490: 25076: 25606: 26497: Narrative description of unspecified code N4 - National Drug Codes Enter NDC qualifier N4 (left-justified), immediately followed by the 11-digit NDC numeric code. Some CPT procedure codes are. Surgical and Ablative Treatments of Chronic Headache. In 2012, the American Headache Society (AHS) released a statement urging caution when using surgical interventions for the treatment of headaches, which stated that surgery is a last-resort option and is not appropriate for most individuals The use of CPT code (s) 15002, Surgical preparation or creation of recipient site by excision of open wounds, burn eschar, or scar (including subcutaneous tissues), or incisional release of scar contracture, trunk, arms, legs; first 100 sq cm or 1% of body area of infants and children; and 15003, same as 15002 but for each additional 100 sq cm. í ì l í ô l î ì í õ í 2fxoridfldo &rglqj 6xh 9lffkulool &27 2&6 2&65 'luhfwru &rglqj dqg 5hlpexuvhphqw)lqdqfldo 'lvforvxuh , kdyh qr ilqdqfldo lqwhuhvw ru uhodwlrqvklsv wr glvforv

CPT code 67924 (Repair of entropion, extensive) can no longer be used on claims with either code 67961 or 67966 (Excision and repair of eyelid, involving lid margin, tarsus ). Bundles for CPT code 67961 are new as of July 1; bundles for 67966 are not new, but worth noting CPT Codes and Fees, Effective January 1, 2015: Surgery, Part 1 (10000-29999) Surgery, Part 2 (30000-49999) Surgery, Part 3 (50000-69999) Assistant Surgery Guide: Radiology: Pathology and Laboratory: Evaluation & Management, Medicine, Physical Therapy: Commission Assigned Codes: N.C. Industrial Commission Assigned Code Look in the CPT® Index for Skin Graft and Flap/Split Graft, which refers you to codes 15100, 15101, 15120, 15121. 15100 is the correct code choice. Modifier 51 is appended to 11603 to indicate additional procedures performed in the same session. The diagnosis is squamous cell carcinoma For instance, a CPT is also known as current procedural terminology. A CPT is a medical code set that is used to report medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures and services. These reports are used by physicians, health insurance companies and accreditation organizations. A bilateral indicator is a number. Below is a description of what.

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Global Days Assignment List. The services described in Oxford policies are subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the member's contract or certificate cpt code 78350, 78351, 77080 and 77086 When was Medicare Established - Medicare insurance history Ritalin Medication - Dosage, Description, Food effects, Indication and usag

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Patient must be present and participating in telehealth visit. MACs will accept and pay CPT codes G0108, G0109, G0420, G0421, 96153, 96154, 97804, 99231-99233, 99307-99310 according to appropriate physician or practitioner fee schedule amount when submitted with a GQ or GT modifier by a CAH CPT Guidelines - Code. To see American Medical Association copyrighted content, try or buy SpeedECoder! Related LCDs. Palmetto GBA (11502 - MAC - Part B) L30385. Outpatient Co-Management of Surgical Procedures. Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Fees and RVU values in red text followed by a * are affected by the OPPS payment cap CPT is a list of descriptive terms and identifying numeric codes for medical services and procedures that are provided by physicians and health care professionals. American Medical Association, Intellectual.PropertyServices@ama-assn.org. CPT can no longer be served by BioPortal due to licensing constraints


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The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 14060 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range - Adjacent Tissue Transfer or Rearrangement Procedures on the Integumentary System. The nasolabial flap is a pedicled flap with a wide description and application for use in lateral nasal wall, ala. the eyelid can be logged with CPT code 67961 and credit for one procedure is given towards the required minimums. If the resident logs the excision and eyelid repair separately (e.g., CPT codes 67810 and 14060), the Case Log will have two procedures on record and credit will be given for two procedures ence CPT 2005 for complete definitions. CPT only copyright American Medical Association. 24 Practical Dermatology November 2005 [ Coding Checklist] New In Your Practice Break on Through.You have a new vita-min C option you might recommend to patients. Obagi Medical Products, Inc. has intro-duced its latest antioxidant therapy, Professional

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CHICAGO —The American Medical Association (AMA) today announced the release of the 2020 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT ®) code set containing identifiers and descriptors assigned to each medical, surgical, and diagnostic services available to patients.Trusted since 1966 as the health system's common language, the CPT code set enables accurate reporting, measurement, analysis, and. PROCEDURE BUNDLES / CPT LEVEL I - CORE PRIVILEGES CPT EVALUATION & CLINICAL CARE Admit, Consult, H&P, Orders. Laryngoscopy 31505-31579 Esophagoscopy 43200-43232 Bronchoscopy 31622-31656 Nasendoscopy 31231-31294 Examination Under Anesthesia 92502 Incisional and Debridement 10060 Remove Foreign Body 10120 Drainage Hematoma, Seroma 1014 Documentation for functional rhinoplasty should include the following: For rhinoplasty procedures, use code 30400 for a first procedure for the problem (stated as primary in the CPT Manual) of the lateral and alar cartilages and/or elevation of the nasal tip. Use code 30410 for a rhinoplasty, primary, complete, external parts, including bony.

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After the chart, there are important key points to keep in mind when using these codes. Code. Description. 2021 wRVU. Total National non-facility RVUs. Total National facility RVUs. Global Days. 11300. Shaving of epidermal or dermal lesion, single lesion, trunk, arms or legs; lesion diameter 0.5 cm or less Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are developed by the American Medical Association to describe every type of service (i.e., tests, surgeries, evaluations, and any other medical procedures) a healthcare provider provides to a patient.   They are submitted to insurance, Medicare, or other payers for reimbursement purposes CPT 1164x codes are used for malignant lesions of those same areas. The range of codes from 11440 to 11446 and 11640 to 11646 are distinguished based on the size of the removal. The CPT descriptors contain measurements using centimeters. For example, CPT 11441 describes a lesion that is 0.6 to 1.0 cm. Q: How is the size of the excision calculated

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What CPT® and ICD-9-CM codes are reported? CPT® codes: 14060, 17311-51 ICD-9-CM code: 173.31 RATIONALE: CPT® codes: A Burrow's graft is a graft using adjacent tissue, meaning an adjacent tissue graft. To code, look in the CPT® Index for Burrow's Operation and you are directed to see Skin/Adjacent Tissue Transfer. Under Skin, Adjacent Tissu priate CPT code is 23420, which includes acromioplasty. HCPCS Level II modifier LT is appended to indicate the left shoulder. For the second procedure locate Biceps Tendon/Tenodesis in the CPT Index. You are directed to 23430 and 29828. Code 29828 describes an arthroscopic biceps tenodesis and isn't the method described in the operative report 11602 14060 11622 14060 11719 11721 11719 11720 11720 11040 11720 11041 11720 11042 11720 11043 11720 11055 11720 11056 11720 11055 11720 11057 . Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) Edits Fall 2006 * As of 11/28/0 How to Document and Code Lesion Removal - Review of Ophthalmology. June 1, 2016. 01-06-2016 Rose Corcoran closed. The number, histology, location, removal method - a host of factors can come into play when billing these procedures. This article addresses the following questions Chart audits frequently examine coding associated with lesion removals and wound repairs. In order to assign the appropriate procedure code, certain documentation must be included in the medical record, such as lesion type, excision size, wound repair, and location. Without these important details, providers run the risk of downcoding or filing inaccurate claims based on poor documentation

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15 14060 skin tissue rearrangement 533.26 . 15 14061 skin tissue rearrangement 533.26 note: all cpt codes and descriptions are copyrighted by the american medical association. lam5m125 louisiana medicaid management information system report no: rf-0-76a2 . run: 12/31/20 07:47:41 louisiana department of health - bureau of health services. strict accordance with the description of the code by the American Medical Association. Lumbar spine fusion procedure codes Blue Cross' PPO and Medicare Plus Blue members • For Medicare Plus Blue members: Effective for dates of service on or after Sept. 1, 2016 (unless otherwise noted), through Dec. 31, 2020. For adult members only (age 18 an CPT ® codes and descriptions only are copyright 2019 American Medical Association Refer to Field Key for definitions Page 1 CPT® HCPCS Code. Oct 2020 ASC Payment Amount 14060. $1,403.24 Y. 14061 $1,403.24. Y 14301. $2,574.57 Y. 14302 Bundled. NA 14350. $1,403.24 Y. 15002 $1,403.24. Y 15003. Bundled NA. 15004 $429.79. Y 15005. Bundled NA. Guideline #: CG-SURG-31. Publish Date: 04/07/2021. Status: Reviewed. Last Review Date: 08/13/2020. Description. This document describes the medically necessary and reconstructive indications for the treatment of keloids and scar revision. Note: Please see the following related documents for additional information cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs cpt/hcpcs g0104 11752 13153 15620 17273 20526 21335 23650 g0105 11760 13160 15630 17274 20527 21346 23655 g6018 11901 14060 15786 17286 20605 21820 24065 g6019 11960 14061 15787 17311 20606 21920 2406

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ICD and CPT Codes for Hand Surgery. ICD/CPT combinations for Common Topics. Search by ICD9. Search by CPT. Quick reference tables. Table of Contents - All Files. American. Society. for Report code 11042-58 for debridement surgery. reported instead of modifier -59. Modifier -59 is never added to E/Mcodes. -59 Distinct Procedural Service Report when same provider performs one or more distinctly independent procedureson the same day as other procedures or services, according to the following criteria: Procedures are performed at. In case, though, the dermatologist had failed to document the size and the pathology report measured a 1.0 cm lesion plus 0.1 margins, you could use only CPT code 11442 ( . . . excised diameter 1.1 to 2.0 cm), leading to a loss of $35 (Code 11443 pays $207.59, while 11442 pays $172.93 for non-facility national amount using 36.8729 conversion.

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT® 2014), Fourth Edition Revised, 2013, for billing by medical providers. The definitions, descriptions, and guidelines found in CPT® must be used as guides governing the descriptions of services, except as otherwise provided in these rules. The guidelines are adopted as the basis for determining level of. 14060 Skin tissue rearrangement $948.11 14061 Skin tissue rearrangement $948.11 Coverage and rates are subject to change Service Authorization Required Effective 7/1/2013 to 6/30/2014 Dates of Service * 7/29/13 ** Medical Justification or Written Report Required 2 1 CPT codes and descriptions only are copyright 2012 American Medical Association 14060 Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, eyelids, nose, ears and/or lips; defect 10 sq cm or less Yes 19,22 11, 24 No; Site of Service Rule Applies Prior Authorization required for all Diagnosis Codes Cosmetic and reconstructive 14301 Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement, any area; defect 30.1 sq cm to 60.0 sq cm Yes 19,22 11, 24 No Another common mistake in ENT coding is confusing frenotomy (CPT 41010), which is the incision of the frenulum, with a frenectomy (CPT 41115), which is the excision of the frenulum. Ms. Edmiston warns that sometimes physicians will mislabel the procedure on their procedure heading, so it is important to read the operative note careful to ensure. The following is a list of procedure codes for which Medicare will not reimburse a first-assistant-at-surgery in 2017. The list consists of procedures that Medicare has determined required a first-assistant-at-surgery in fewer than 5